ATechpoint was founded in july 2013 with an aim to provide all the News, Guide, and Information to keep our viewers up to date with all the latest updates going around in the world of technology. Our team of writers is self proclaimed tech enthusiasts. The articles posted on the website cover every inch of the information related to the topic. In order to make them more informative and interactive, we make videos to support our writings. Post on ATechpoint doesn’t simply copies news from rumors or from other sites, the every bit of information has a credible source behind it, keeping it original.

Atechpoint is about experiencing technology to its core. Through our detailed reviews, opinions and news, we try to keep your tech life simplified by keeping you updated on a daily basis.

With the increase in interest of people of technology, we have also started working on increasing the potential of Atechpoint. We will try to deliver not only the news or the guides but also try to fix your basic technology need. From a small piece of earbuds to a big computer, all the information will at your fingertips with Atechpoin.com.

Who’s Behind ATechpoint

 Deep Singhal – CEO/Founder331207c  Deep Singhal is an up and coming Entrepreneur and software developer based in Meerut, India. At a very young age, Deep already established a vision to create a website that will cater to the needs of people in this technology-driven world.

Ebha RastogiEbha Rastogi – Technical Writer Ebha Rastogi is Technical Writer at ATechpoint.com, She focus on proving latest trends & information of technology and gadgets.