Battery Defender App review – Extend your battery life

Battery Defender App review – Extend your battery life


Each year the new smartphone models bring new features for their users. There are more apps, better graphics, better cameras and better ways to connect to the internet. But it looks like one part of these smartphones doesn’t advance with the same pace and that’s the battery. It looks like active smartphone users can’t expect their battery to last for more than a day or two and this is a huge handicap especially if you don’t have access to a charger. Even if you do have access to a charger it is a little bit annoying to talk or use the internet when the phone is plugged. Battery Defender is an app that can help users save battery and extend their battery life.

How does Battery Defender work?

This app is usually advertised as 1 tap solution for extension of battery life. This means that the whole procedure is really easy. For example, the first thing that this app does is disabling WiFi and/or data connection when the screen is turned off (it uses 20 second latency). Of course, you can adjust this setting and disable it if you don’t want to use it. The application allows other apps to sync every 15 minute but in a very energy efficient way. It can also disable data connection and Wireless internet as soon as the app notices that the battery is getting dangerously low. So the whole process is automated.

What makes Battery Defender special?

Some of the features that this app has cannot be found in other apps in the same category.

–        The app allows users to take a look at their battery level (in percentages). This information is very accurate.

–        With the help of Battery Defender app users can switch from WiFi to data connection or Bluetooth and vice-versa in a matter of seconds.

–        Another unique option that cannot be found elsewhere is the quiet sleeping option – users can enter the period of the day when they sleep and the app will automatically disable Wireless or data connection.

–        Many other features that come for free – this application is free which is really rare in this category of apps

Where to download Battery Defender?

This application can be found in the official Google Play Store on the following link – What is great about this app is that almost every user of an Android device can use it since it requires Android version 2.1 or above. It can be stored on either internal or external memory and it doesn’t require much memory (4.5MB).

Pros of this app

–        It works automatically. Users only need to enable it.

–        It has smooth design.

–        It saves the battery life by adjusting usage of WiFi and data connection.

–        It’s free

Cons of this app

–        It works only on Android devices

Battery Defender – 1 Tap Saver is the perfect freeware option for users that use their Android mobile devices on daily basis and need to extend the life of the battery..