Candy camera App Review – Enhance your Mobile photography experience

Candy camera App Review – Enhance your Mobile photography experience


You hate your mobile camera? fed up with bad image processing of your camera? or own older smart phone with low resolution and washed out camera? Candy camera app will fix all. Candy camera is one of the most enhanced camera app for producing amazing image on in real time. Its not editing tool its an camera app with preloaded presets and effects that changes the user photography experience on mobile phone. This app basically developed for Selfies lovers.

Front facing camera on mobile phones are always low res then the main camera. candy camera designed for those who wanted to take professional selfies and this app take advantage of low resolution camera to produce good images very fastly as the image size of front-facing camera is low in resolution compared to the rear camera and takes less time to process.

We have noticed some noises in picture captured with rear camera using candy camera but not that much. it is acceptable. In future we may expect performance upgrade and noise fix in rear camera. App interface is easy to use and having lots of tools to change the overall experience of photography. There are lot of apps out there for image processing and effects we found this app to be one of the best, All effects and presets are very good and makes image looks very sharp and premium without sacrificing image quality.

Pros –

  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Awesome collection of presets

Cons –

  • A bit slow processing on android compared to IOS device
  • Little image quality loss when use rear camera
  • No video recording

Conclusion :

Candy  camera is specially developed for one who love to take selfies. As it develop great images and make photos looks very professional. This app makes user to take more photos from there bad camera even. I have noticed myself to use it as my main camera even as it also provide feature of saving original version of image along with the preset image, so i get both the image. This will surely make your phone run out of your memory. But this app is overall a great camera app to capture picture and this app makes user not to edit the image afterwards as the presets satisfies users need in realtime.

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