Darkops: Amoled Wallpapers Android app Review

Darkops: Amoled Wallpapers Android app Review


As the name suggest it’s a wallpaper app. The app consists of a nice collection of high quality wallpapers. We all love to have a nice HD wallpaper for our high resolution AMOLED displays but at a cost of our battery life. The quality of colors that are displayed drains the battery of our Smartphone’s, either we have to set the brightness on low settings or we have to reduce our screen on time.

The motive of Darkops is to deliver high quality not at the cost of your battery life but to increase its life. The app has a nice collection of dark wallpapers which drains your battery at lower speed compared to other type of wallpapers. The developers say that, it will save your phone’s battery up to 15% which is quite a lot of battery life. That’s what the developers say but let’s find out is it true or not.

User Interface

The UI of the app is quite simple and easy to navigate. There is side drawer that has four options in it, Recent Wallpaper, Category, Favorite and About us. In the recent wallpaper tab you can look for all the latest wallpaper that has been added to the collection. The category section 10 categories in total. In favorite tab you can add your favorite wallpapers.


The app has only one feature, which is to provide HD dark wallpapers. The app has a nice collection of wallpapers and the quality is also very nice. The wallpapers don’t look faded out when you zoom in or use it after cropping them. The best feature is you don’t have to download them to set as your wallpaper; you can do that directly from the app. You can save that wallpaper in your phones or in the favorite column of the app. The app has not many wallpaper to offer but we expect them to add more soon.

Now, coming on to the main point, the developers say it saves up to 15% of battery life. The test results were not that bad. We use one of the dark wallpaper on our Nexus 6P and Galaxy S6. The test was run three times using different brightness settings. First we use the high brightness setting, the battery on Nexus 6P saved around 7%-8% battery and Galaxy S6 saved 6% battery. Second test was run on 50% brightness, Nexus 6P saved 7% battery and Galaxy S6 also saved 7% battery. And the final test was with low brightness settings, the Nexus 6P saved 10% battery and Galaxy S6 saved 8% battery. The results were best on low settings only.


Though app has not much to offer in term of UI and the number of wallpapers was quite less for the app which is solely made for wallpapers, but this thing can be rectified in future updates. The aim of the app was to save battery and it did so in our eyes this was great and you should definitely give it a try.