It is also now possible to Pokemon Go in the comfort of...

It is also now possible to Pokemon Go in the comfort of your home.


It was recently figured out by a YouTuber, Travis D, the Pokemon Go can be played from your desk. After figuring this hack out, a comprehensive tutorial was shared on how this is done. According to this shared tutorial, all that is required is the installation of an Android emulator as well as a GPS spoofing application. Playing Pokemon Go this way may not necessarily be completely legal as this is against the developing company’s- Nintendo- terms of service.

Since the release of Pokemon Go, it has gone viral with more users and downloads than Tinder as well as Twitter. Even though this game is not available in all countries, it has been a tremendous success in America with millions playing Pokemon Go. Expansion to other areas are being considered by Nintendo, as many possible users are requesting availability. This could expand the Pokemon platform greatly, since most recent data indicated the Pokemon Go is being played more than time spent on Facebook.

Pokemon Go is a reality game that is location-based and the main aim of the game is walking around to catch Pokemons. Due to this, the game requires a smartphone’s GPS. This hack saves you the walking and allows you to play from the comfort of your home.

In order to play on your computer, there are certain steps that must be completed. If you thought doing this by way of an Android emulated, think again. Additional effort is also needed. BlueStacks, for example, is a good emulator to use and is also mentioned in Travis D’s tutorial.

A GPS spoofing application must also be installed. This is because movement is required to play, therefore you GPS location must also be faked. This application, together with the Android emulator, allows you to play Pokemon Go on your computer, relieving you from all walking efforts. In the created tutorial by Travis D, it very descriptively shows exactly what is required in terms of applications but also how to get Pokemon Go to run on your computer. It is also not a long tedious experience to get it running and takes approximately 20 minutes.

This may be a good way to play on a rainy day but it is definitely not the best of ways to enjoy playing this game. This is because it takes the reality out of the location-based reality game. There have also been various tricks and cheats that have been created by players and are currently being used.

Playing Pokemon Go on your desktop may save you from walking around, and for many that spend endless hours playing this game, walking around may not always be a possibility. This hack makes it possible to play anytime whether you are walking or spending a lazy day behind your desk. Given the comfortability to play this game at home, using this hack, it is only important to emphasise that the terms of Pokemon Go clearly stipulates that it does not agree to the game being played on a PC.