Leo Privacy Guard Review – All in One Privacy Protector For your...

Leo Privacy Guard Review – All in One Privacy Protector For your Phone


Whether misplaced, stolen, tons of secrets or countless people going through your phone, it is a smart idea to keep it locked. Ever considered how personal information is so easy to get that anyone can gain access to your cell phone? Now you can protect your information and privacy with Leo Privacy Guard. If you read the Leo Privacy Guard review, you will discover how good the app is.

What Is Leo Privacy Guard?

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From Leomaster Company, it is an Android app designed to keep whichever apps you want to protect from the inquisitive eyes of others. Same goes to how your phone is being locked with passwords and biometrics; the Privacy Guard works the same thing. The difference is that it works on the specific apps on your phone. If there is information within specific apps, it is best to add another layer of protection to a locking system. There is also a camera and special album in Leo privacy safeguard, so you can hide photo/Photos and hide video/videos. When you go over the Review Leo Privacy Guard, there is also a safebox within the app to allow you to store all your personal information. With its new upgrade, you can unlock apps with iWatch!

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Notable Best Features and Functions

Interface: Unlike other optimizer apps with exaggerated icons, visual effects, and animations, Privacy Protector designed the main page that is free from all distractions. It does not give you a pointless tutorial but gives the required tips and instructions on how different segments work. You can see apps being installed, together with the amount of memory and traffic on each use. Screen’s bottom has section shortcuts for easy access. It also gives another level of Privacy, such as hiding the image, hiding video, private SMS, and calls.

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AppLock: You can protect your videos, photos, and apps through Leo Privacy Applock by setting passwords. Name or time will display all the smartphone apps, and you will be reminded to fasten any new app you recently installed on your device. As per your preferences, you may also set auto-lock settings. Your gallery can be unlocked only when you provide the zip code. For shortcuts and easy access, you can make use of iSwipe.

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Backup and Performance Boost: You can restore the original directories or backup your applications on your SD card. It also has a boost feature that closes all the running apps seen in the background and releases memory to amplify the performance and speed of your phone. With its simple interface and user-friendly functionality, Leo Applock has become one of the best-downloaded optimizer apps. LeoMaster launched it in 2014, and it has been installed 100,000,000 times. SScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.04.03 PMince its launch, it was updated 15 times, with a feature from each update. Even though privacy safeguard comes with a default theme, you can still download more themes to modify it according to your personal liking. It provides exceptional protection to your other apps, keeps sneakers away, maximizes safety, and optimizes your phone’s performance in the best possible way.

Remember that your phone is already a reward for all your work and perseverance. Why not give yourself a full reward with all these functions. Whatever price you possess to pay for keeping what is yours to yourself, it is constantly well deserved. Leo Privacy Guard is a powerful app that is easy to use and be customized to keep each app safe!

Download app today :

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leo.appmaster

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1013745810