Paperama App Review – Digital Origami Fun

Paperama App Review – Digital Origami Fun


Origami is a traditional Japanese craft of creating models out of paper. The traditional form used to create these models is a square but there is a large number of models that can be made from different shapes/forms like rectangle, triangle, octagon etc. Today the most convenient way to create origami is by using your mobile device. Just download the Paperama app from Google Play and you are ready to have some origami fun!

How does Paperama work?

The concept of Paperama is really simple and that’s what makes this game so popular. By using the touchscreen players need to fold the paper, create unique origami models and solve the puzzles. The best thing about this game is that players have an undo option so every time they make a mistake they can return to the previous move. Hints are also available for those who are stuck with some paper model. The puzzles start with easier models but as the player progress he will encounter more and more complicated puzzles that will require some time to be solved.

What makes Paperama so great?

This Android application has a user friendly interface and besides that there are few more things that make Paperama above its competitors:

–        Music – besides the beautiful graphics, this app has a relaxing, beautiful soundtrack that make the whole gaming experience even more pleasant. You can literally play for hours and not get bored.

–        Graphics – when we talk about the visual aspect of this game we can describe it as being simple but yet attractive. The graphics are clear and players especially enjoy the 3D folding effect that appears every time the player folds the paper.

–        Number of puzzles – this is not a game that you can finish in one day. There are more than 70 puzzles available and what is great is that their complexity rises as the player progresses further in the game. This means that the game becomes more challenging over time.

–        Hint/Undo – as mentioned before, this app is here to provide fun for the users and this is why it is not made to be too hard. The Hint/Undo options are another proof of that. With these options you can easily correct your mistakes or get an idea what should be your next move.


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Downloading Paperma

You can download Paperama from Google Play store on the following link – The game requires Android version 2.3.3 or newer which means that it works on most of the Android devices used today. It doesn’t require much space or memory and it is suitable for all ages.

Pros of this app

–        High number of levels/puzzles

–        Simple interface suitable for advanced and beginner Android device users

–        Easy but yet challenging gameplay

Cons of this app

–        Unfortunately (for iOS and users of mobile devices using different OS) this app is only available for Android-based devices.

Paperama is a great application that will definitely serve as a great way to spend your spare time. It is a very addicting and fun app, that will certainly turn you into an origami fan!.