Photosynth App Review – Creating Panoramic Images in Few Simple Steps

Photosynth App Review – Creating Panoramic Images in Few Simple Steps


People who want to take panoramas with their iOS device usually have problems because the apps in the Apple Store are either too expensive or have only few options. They are also looking for some techniques that can provide them panoramic imaging but the truth is that these techniques are very difficult to learn. That’s why Microsoft Corporation has introduced a very powerful app for creation of panoramas two years ago – Photosynth. With this app you can wintess a true 3D experience through your mobile device.

How does Photosynth work?

Photosynth is an app that is following the latest computer vision techniques, so you can expect this app to be even better in the future. Unlike other panorama creation apps, this one allow users to take panoramic images not only from left to right but users can also go up and down with their mobile device. There is simple guide/tips that will help you take the best picture with your device. Furthermore, it has tool that can help improve image quality. The result from your work can be checked instantly (no need to wait for processing, meaning you won’t notice any slowdown in your device’s performance). On top of that, this panorama creation app also has a vibrant community where people share their photos, which can be very inspiring for those interesting in amateur (or professional) photography.

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What makes Photosynth original?

This is a legitimate question, since this is one of the most popular categories of apps with literally hundreds of apps. The following is a list of things that make Photosynth different from the other apps on the market.

–        Interactive capture – watch live as your panorama is formed.

–        Full sphere panoramas – the panorama can be taken in all directions which results in spehere looking panoramas.

–        The application doesn’t come with any hidden fees. It’s free.

–        Viewer – the viewer integrated in this app allows users to examine the panorama in every direction, zoom in and out of it and more.

–        Photosynth community – the application has vibrant community, where you can make friends, share experience, ask for advice or simply get motivated to take more pictures.

–         Simple social media sharing – With only few clicks you can easily share the panorama that you have taken on your social media profiles on Facebook or Twitter. You can also send it directly via e-mail.

Downloading Photosynth

This app is available for Windows Phones on the following link and for iOS mobile devices on this link This app is free for the both platforms.

Pros of this app

–        It doesn’t require any purchases to get all the features

–        Taking pictures is really easy and anyone can do it

–        It has a lot of different features

Cons of this app

–        It can be used only on Windows Phones and iOS mobile devices with iOS version 5.0 or later.

Photosynth is a unique panorama creation app that will definitely satisfy the needs of any mobile device photo enthusiast..