Prisma App Review: A must try for anyone who loves creative imagery

Prisma App Review: A must try for anyone who loves creative imagery


Finding an iOS application used for photo-filtering is not difficult and with so many apps available on the market; an app, like Prisma, must have exceptional features for it to generate a buzz. Even though, there are a plethora of apps that can be used to edit your photo’s; more often than not getting an undesired effect or poor quality after applying to your image.

Prisma- an app for photo-effect- was recently released by the Russian software company, known as Prisma Labs. The Prisma application take photo-effects to a next level, going far beyond filtering as we know it on iOS. The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology used by this app allows for photos to be mimicked according to various artistic styles and artistry masters, such as Van Gogh and many more. The fact that Prisma is very user-friendly only adds to the popularity of this application.

Downloading this app is free and all that is required for you to start is- after downloading- is allowing access to your phone’s camera and photo library. Once that has been done, you can either start taking photos or edit images already saved on your phone. This is due to account signup not being a requirement.

It should however be highlighted that for the Prisma app to run, an iOS 8 and up is needed. There are various devices available, all running on an iOS 8 or higher. Some examples are various iPad devices and iPhone 4S or above devices are also compatible.

The interface of this app is very simple and using this app is straightforward. At the top part of the screen, the app shows you what you will be taking a picture of as well as a singular capturing button. The application only has the basic shooting options for you to choose from, such as flash options, setting the focus area, and camera switching.

By making use of the bottom right thumbnail, let’s you access your photo library. Therefore, it is possible to edit images that have been saved to your phone too. Even though, it is no secret to taking a photo and editing the image immediately, is much quicker. However it is always comforting to know you have that option.


Once your picture has been taken, or chosen, this is where this app comes into play. At first, you are provided with options to either rotate the image or to crop it. These options are no different to any other photo-filtering application; but once you have completed this task, the app’s real likeability becomes clear.

The next step comes with 34 filters, concerned mainly with the creation of art. These artistic filters are all variations based on famous artwork, such as Picasso, Mondrian and Leviton. With the artistic filters you are also given the choice of deciding upon the intensity you desire for the image. After that have been decided on, it is then up to you to either share you artistic image or to save it to your device.

This is a fantastic app for those that enjoy or would like to create art. The Prisma app allows any person to wake the artist within themselves in an easy and fast way.

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