Themer App Review – Make your smartphone look more beautiful than ever!

Themer App Review – Make your smartphone look more beautiful than ever!


There are literally hundreds of smartphones models available on the market today. Dozens of brands compete with each other by producing visually attractive and high performance smartphones. But these phones can be attractive not just on the outside but they can have pleasant appearance while you are using their software. Each manufacturer has several default themes that come with each model. But those who want more can download applications like Themer that provide dozens of unique high quality themes in order to enrich the appearance of their screen.

What does Themer exactly do?

Themer is an application that has dozens of different themes which include widgets, icons and high definition wallpapers. Users can easily browse through different themes. They are classified in several categories and you can choose a theme that suits your mood or maybe a theme suitable for some event that is about to happen. The best part is that you can adjust every theme which means you can make combinations or use only certain features of each theme (the widgets, the wallpaper etc.). With the help of this application you can also make new categories on your phone and store different apps in different folders which can be very handy.

What makes Themer unique?

themer (1)

There is a reason why this application was mentioned on some of the most popular websites and in some reputable newspapers. WiRED, XDA-Developers, Lifehacker and even The New York Times have mentioned this app in a very positive light. So let’s see what is so special about it.

  • Free themes – All the themes are free and on top of that they are constantly updated (every week).
  • More than 300 premium themes are now available (each of them placed in suitable category for faster access)
  • Highly customizable themes – you can combine themes, use your own elements in addition etc.
  • App categorization – this app is able to learn what your favorite apps are and categorize them based on their usage

Downloading Themer

The downloading process of this app is as easy as the way it works. Just go to Google Play Store on the following link and download it. It is completely free. This app requires Android version 4.1 or higher and it doesn’t take much space (16MB).

Pros of this app

  •         Completely free application
  •         Allows users to change their theme in only one quick
  •         Allows users to go back to their previous theme (default theme) in only few steps
  •         It offers dozens of unique icons
  •         The themes are customizable
  •         It allows resizing of icons
  •         The themes are updated and new ones are added every week
  •         More than 300 unique themes available

Cons of this app

  •         It is only available for Android users.

Themer is an app that can beautify your home screen but it can also ease your work while using your smartphone. With the help of this app you can experience the benefits that smartphones bring to the maximum..