Bosspy Benefits and How to use Guide for Android Mobiles

Hello, dear ATechpoint readers! Today we would love to tell you about a new app Bosspy. It is a mobile application that can help parents exercise better parental control on their children. Getting the peace of mind that your children are alright and that you know their whereabouts every hour is something that this mobile application can give to parents. As a mobile spy application, it is easy to use the program. You can easily find out what your children are doing using their mobile device, making the app the most convenient mobile spyware for concerned parents.

Bosspy features and benefits

Because parents can be very engrossed in performing various responsibilities every day, it is often difficult to keep track of their children’s activities. Using the software application will give them more freedom and ability to know about their children’s mobile activities and they can track down their location 24/7 using the application’s GPS tracking feature. With just a few clicks on your device you can easily access the application’s dashboard and start getting information that you want to know regarding the activities and whereabouts of your children. The application allows the user to access the email activities of their children including getting a copy of their text and SMS messages, log call details and monitoring of their mobile browsing activities.

Installation guide for Bosspy

 In order to start using the app, the application must be installed on the device that parents want to track down. Following the installation guide below will guide you through the process of installing Bosspy to an Android device to start accessing your dashboard and control panel where you can configure the settings of the app.

Step 1. Open your mobile browser visit Bosspy official website.

Step 2. Wait until the file is completely downloaded and click on it to start the software installation to the mobile device.

Step 3. After a successful installation, access the mobile settings > accessibility > turn on services labeled as


Step 4. Open the application from the Google search bar and type the 1mole default password of 123456. This will let you access the 1mole main screen.


Step 5. Enter your email address and create a password for your Bosspy account from the 1more main screen log in box. Once you have entered your dashboard you can start setting up the application’s configuration option.


Step 6. Since you have used the 6 digits default access code for the application main screen it is important to change the code for your own account. To format a new access code, type #yourown6digitscode* (example: #495305*). Click Save.

Step 7. Click on Exit to leave the application main screen.

To access your dashboard, go to You can change the range of the GPS tracking settings from the main screen and you can selectively activate and turn off the options available from the control panel. Don’t forget to click on Save each time you change the settings in order to preserve the changes you made. All reports that you want to receive from the application will be sent to your Bosspy account.