• Lynne41

    I cant open files that you’re sending on my email..how can i do it…

    • Can you tell me more on this i will help you out 🙂

  • Tana

    I need help accessing the url and call logs. And I’m not receiving any emails with my info. The email you have on the site is incorrect

  • chris

    Am I suppose to download this on the phone they are using or on mine ?

    • On both so you can track there phone with yours 🙂

    • Abstraction

      I have the same question. Did u ever get the answer??

  • tim

    this worked great for 1 da and then all the sudden it stoped receiving anything

  • tim

    well I actually pain for the better version of bosspy on 8/10/15 and it worked for 24 hrs and then stopped completely. I’ve tried to contact people about it and there is no way. So, as of right now, I would not suggest this to no one. They need to fix the problems and create a customer service of some kind. I paid for 10 days and got less than a full 24 hrs. try if you would like but im letting people know what happened.

    • Sorry to listen. But it still seems to be working for many users.

    • tim

      I’m sorry but you can check my account it hasn’t updated since yesterday it did work wonderful for about a day if it would continue like it was I would love it

  • Lisa

    There is no “save” button in the settings menu. How do I get the telephone number to save???

    • Abstraction

      I have no save button either. Did u ever figure this out???

  • Abstraction

    Can I add a phone number to my bosspy account? Or am I just monitoring my own cell phone? If anybody knows how I can add a phone number to my account please let me know