Get Facetime for Android Alternatively

Get Facetime for Android Alternatively


As you all know FaceTime has been extremely popular among Apple users. It allows them to use video call free on 3G networks and WIFI connections but this is only available for iPhone users and  may FaceTime fans who are using android are unable to access this app as it is not available to them in Google Play Store. Many android users of Samsung note, Samsung galaxy, Google nexus, HTC One etc have been trying to get some hack so that they can use it on android devices but nothing works as there is no hack available for it

Whereas there are some FaceTime for android users in other ways there are some alternatives which you guys will surely love it. These are popular with most of android users as they have almost same features like FaceTime and let android users do video call on 3g networks and WIFI connections

Facetime for Android alternative



Skype is one of the most popular software to provide free calls and video call services through internet it is commonly used my many businesses and users to stay connected with family friends through internet. Almost everyone has used it on Desktop but if you don’t know then it can be downloaded for android too from the Google Play Store all you have to do is go to Google Play Store on your device. Open it and search for “Skype” and simply download it. It is free to download as it is on desktop after getting download it will automatically get installed and you can simply sign in using the same account you  are using on your desktop or if you need a new account you can sign up for that too using your android device.  But it is necessary that you should be connected to a 3G network or a WIFI to use Skype.



Like Skype, Viber is also available for different mobile devices as well as for computers. There is no need to sign up with your email you have to use your phone number to get register with Viber and use it. If anyone from your contacts is already using Viber then they all will be automatically shown in your contact list in Viber. You can send Text message or simply send an invite through your email to non Viber users so that they can join Viber too. So Factime fans can use it as Facetime for Android because it will give them all same video calls and normal call features.



Google hangout is a part of a social media platform By Google. It is also one of the best alternatives for FaceTime for android unlike other alternatives it even provides its users with free chat and video call features. And some extra ordinary features which are not provided by others applications like you can have a group video call with up to 10 people at a time. If you are Google product lover then it will be very easy for you to use it as it allows you to share photo, sync calendar, live stream etc.



Tango is one another Facetime for Android. As it is one of the famous applications in Google Play Store and has more than 200 million registered members. All tango members have same FaceTime features and can use Voice or Video call with their friends. Registration procedure of tango members is same as Viber rather than using email they have to use their Phone number to sign up and use Tango. All the phone contacts of the users who were previously using Tango will be shown in his Tango contacts.  Tango is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and PC and works across platforms and networks.

I think these were some of the best alternative for the FaceTime for Android. All these applications are free to download and use in Android and can be easily download from the Google Play Store. If you are still looking to only use FaceTime then I would recommend to  go for some old used iPhone which will allow you to use FaceTime..