Finding the precise location of every Pokemon by using this Map: Pokemon...

Finding the precise location of every Pokemon by using this Map: Pokemon Go Hack


The pleasure of hunting down new creatures in Pokemon Go has crooked into an addiction all athwart the globe. If you are perhaps feeling tired after playing Pokemon Go for continous hours, we do understand that.

But, what if you get a Pokemon map that gives you an idea about the exact location of every pokemon near you, making the game very easy? Thanks to this bug in the game, someone, worth praising by pokemon players, has come up with an adaptation of a Google Map that shows users every pokemon near you.

Ahead of going into more details, let me first tell you that to view this Pokemon map, it is needed to have some knowledge of command line. This scheme was spotted on Reddit where a developer’s given name Ahmed Almutawa posted the detailed instructions about how to get this map.


One way or another, he was able to pull unprocessed data out of the game which includes the locations of pokemons, individual pokestops and gyms. In just a few hours, he contrived that data on a map and placed the project on GitHub and Reddit.

As told earlier, you will need to access your command line and run a python script in it. So, it’s not some smart phone app or web app that just involves a simple click and install.

After doing that, you will be presented with a Map that shows a bird’s eye views of every pokemon, pokestop, gym etc. near you. By changing a little bit of code, you can also apply filters to position specific pokemons.

Ahmed told The Verge that he and other colleague developers are working to even make this project more user-friendly. The team led by Ahmed is working to generate an interface that will let users install the map easily and avoid the command line stuff that most of the people doesn’t know about.

Thanks to the irresistible popularity of Pokemon Go, such hacks are mushrooming all across the world. It will be interesting to see what approach will be adopted by Niantic and Nintendo to counter this.

It is Niantic’s game and they’re free to do with it whatever they do,Almutawa says. “I do hope that they’re fine with the map itself [and] it’s not causing them any issues.