Random shutdown when using Teclast x98 AIR 3g while Charging in...

[FIX] Random shutdown when using Teclast x98 AIR 3g while Charging in Windows


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Teclast x98 AIR II/3g are one of the greatest Chinese tablet out there. For the price you get awesome specs and capability of dual operating system, Check review of teclast X98 AIR 3g here. Tablet built is good and rigid, with slimmer profile like an iPad air. Due to the fact of the great thinner aluminum built tablet lacks some points on thermal design. Even newer C5J6 model comes with a bad thermal design. We got tablet for from Aliexpress Top seller. Tablet works good and it is very snappy. After few test battery ran down and we tried to use tablet while charging, after sometime tablet did not freeze but gone blank and hibernate.

Tablets works fine when on android while charging no freeze no shutdowns , just few hiccups of “throttling brightness due to thermal event” not a big deal really can be fixed with some patches & custom roms.

This is a sign of hibernate due to thermal event. We verified it by checking event logs in windows 8.

Reasons of Random shutdown & hibernate While charging in Windows

  • Thermal Event (Overheat while charging)
  • Insufficient Power (Event Log)

We did some Troubleshooting (Nothing worked)

  • Open tablet and make the airflow go through chipset properly (DONT WORK)
  • Configure Power options in tablet

Solution worked so far :

After a 15 days of troubleshooting, We found that charger which comes with tablet causing this problem. We had couple of chargers lying around we plugged tablet with 2Amp charger and make the tablet to do task in full load, BOOM! nothing happened for even 20 minutes in full load. while when using original charger tablet cannot survive and shuts off within 5 min of maximum load.

NOTE : Make sure to tablet cooldown first after charging with 2.5AMP charger and then once you feel the surface cooler user 2AMP charger and start working.

We will recommend while using tablet you can use low amp charger and when you want quick charging shutdown your tablet and plug the original charger. Let us know in comments below if it worked for you. Subscribe all our social media channel for future & latest updates..