How to Hack free in app purchases Android

How to Hack free in app purchases Android


Well, you might have spent a lot of money in order to get those precious coins; level ups, as well as lives for free in your android mobile game. Yes, it can be creating a dent in your pocket, but it is even more frustrating if you do not finish the game. So, most of the time, instead of looking into any kind of solutions, what you do is to fish out your credit card, and just pay up for all the in game purchases in order to get ahead from all your friends, and have exclusive bragging rights to the game.

However, what if there is a solution that can help you to go for free in app purchases android, without any kind of monetary loss? What you need to do is to get the Freedom v1.0.7k Apk. This is software, rather an app that is supported by Android Lollipop, and has been able to provide the appropriate hack to make sure that people do not spend a single penny on purchasing in game features.


How to setup

  1. Firstly, you have to download the latest archive file from links above.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. In the security settings of your android mobile phone, make sure that you have “unknown sources “enabled.
  4. You need to then install the downloaded APK file and launch it.
  5. Make sure that you allow the permissions for the super user. It requires root access, which can only be with you if you are the rightful owner of the mobile phone.
  6. After that, you can tap on the application, in which you would want to go for the free in app purchases android, and wait for a little while. The application will be able to start automatically, without any prodding.
  7. The next thing you need to do is to make your in app purchase.

Things you need to be careful about: –

  • Always make it a point to get back up whenever installing new things. You never know if the application that you have downloaded may be corrupted or not. What it does is to corrupt the entire operating system, and then you might have lost all your precious data. It is always important for you to backup before undertaking this or any other process in regards to installing of applications.
  • It is very dangerous to edit the host file. So, when doing so, prepare to proceed with caution.
  • There seems to be a bug if you make use of the free in app purchases android in case of Truecaller in order to get a premium account. So, it is important that you do not make use of the Freedom application to simply try for that particular process. Keep eyes out for updates for the application in case you do find the bug getting fixed.
  • The presence of the notification bar is very much important in order to go for any free in app purchases android. So, if the notification bar is not present when you are undertaking the purchase of any application, it is important for you to tap on the Freedom application. After you see the notification bar, you are ready to go.

Some people have faced problems when it comes to parsing the file with the given android operating system. All they need to do is to re-download the entire Apk file and do away with the old version. It will work like magic.

So, all in all, the Freedom App has been rightly named; it provides you with the freedom of not having to pay any developer for the in game purchases that you make..