How to Spy on a Cell Phone

How to Spy on a Cell Phone



Cellphones are made for a lot of purposes such as calls, texts, browsing the web, video calls, IM and much more. Although all of these things make our lives easier, they can also be used for a lot of bad things. Cellphones are involved in terrorist activities, fraud, sexual harassment, affairs and so on. There is no direct way of stopping someone from using their cellphone for any of the above mentioned things but can you spy on someone through their cellphone?

Spying on someone might be illegal in some countries if done without the owner’s consent but it is also permitted under some circumstances. A husband or a wife has the right to find out whether his/her spouse is cheating on them or not. People hire private detectives for these matters but in the digital age everything is done through your smartphone and laptop.

There are hundreds of meeting new people apps which can be used to find someone new and start an affair. It all starts from flirty chats to long calls and then it moves ahead. Same is the case with terrorists, who use phones to contact each other and convey messages. The real question remains, how to spy on a cell phone?

There is no direct way of spying on a cell phone because you will need hacking expertise in order to hack in to someone’s phone and know about their whereabouts. This is the work of intelligence agencies for national security but what about an average person who does not know much about hacking or any technical details of computers and smartphones?

Luckily for them there are several apps which are designed for this very purpose. Although you cannot just use the app and connect to the persons phone but still it is better than nothing. Below are the most popular spying apps which can be used to get the information you need:

All of these apps are paid and have identical features. You can use these apps to spy on calls and text messages, emails, browser history, address book, calendar events, IMs, media files, remotely control their phone, social media activity and phone tracking of the concerned person’s phone.

Majority of these apps offer trials but they are paid versions to get full access to all the features mentioned above. Apart from spying features, users can also wipe the other person’s cell phone and even get a SIM-change notification in case they are using another SIM card for suspicious activity. The unique features limited to only a few apps also come in handy. For example, Highster mobile allows to use the guilty person’s phone camera to check the surroundings or listen to nearby sounds through the microphone of the cell phone.

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Benefit of paid app is security and support which you will get by company you buying from. Paid app ensure customer

How to use spy apps?

Unfortunately there is only way to use these apps. First you have to purchase a subscription of the desired app based on monthly, 6 months or yearly basis. The trial period only lasts for a few days that too without complete features so a paid subscription is recommended.

Once you have purchased the subscription, it is time for you to get a little sneaky and install it on his/her phone. You cannot remotely install any of these apps without accessing the phone by hand. You have to use the download link provided by the app to download their application on the smartphone so it can have access to all the data required. People might argue that if we can get our hands on their phone then why we need a spying app?

People who are committing suspicious acts are clever enough to clear their tracks so they might delete everything before coming home or before going to sleep. This is the main reason you need a spy app to catch the person red handed.

Once the app is installed on the person’s phone you can sit back and let the app do its work. Do not worry, the app is hidden so they will not find out that they have a spying app installed on their phone. Now the app will periodically upload data to your account sniffed from the person’s phone. This includes a lot of data such as incoming and outgoing pictures, call logs, text messages, IMs and much more.

You will be able access this data by logging in to your account through your browser. The data will be available for you to check and find any suspicious activity. If you find something out of the blue then you can save it as evidence when you confront the person. For the app to upload the required data from the person’s phone, it needs to be connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile internet and for cell phone tracking, GPS should be enabled.


The process is fairly simple except for just one drawback and that is installing the app on the person’s phone. This is the only possible way on how to spy on a cell phone without hacking. For couples it is not hard to get their hands on their spouse’s phone so it is possible. You just need the right motivation to spy on them.

If you are looking for other alternatives on how to spy on a cell phone? Then you will run out of luck after some research. You can illegally hire a hacker to do the dirty work for you and you might end up in a lawsuit or use a much safer way such as these spy apps..