Oneplus one Camera tutorial in low light

Oneplus one Camera tutorial in low light


There are lot of people saying Oneplus one camera is piece of junk dont take good images in low lightening. In this post i will going to show why they aren’t able to capture great images in low light. Oneplus one got Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor which is designed to capture image in every lighting condition. All you need is to play around with your camera. Oneplus one runs on cyanogen mod OS which got its own camera app with lots of effects and customization features. With preloaded effects you can gain a better light better color saturation but cant get the sharpest image with proper color accuracy.

Oneplus one is flagship killer for camera even. There are very few phones which got these kind of features to enhance the photography experience which makes the phone much more professional then other. Oneplus one camera can be called as mini DSLR cause of its camera customization and settings.

We can do a lot with Oneplus one camera adding effects in matter of second just by swiping the camera window. we can setup timer,exposure,white balance etc within the camera window.But under the camera menu  you will find lots of advance settings, which includes focus mode,ISO setting,Exposure setting,anti banding , raw image & slow shutter speed.

What is shutter speed ?

The shutter speed is simply the length of time that the light hits the film or sensor allowing the image to be recorded. The slower the shutter speed, the longer the exposure time. and more light will be absorbed by the sensor.

What is ISO?

ISO setting adjusts your camera’s sensitivity to light. More the ISO more it will give light exposure to camera sensor. It is standard tool for professional photographers.

Combination of both settings can make your image looks more sharper, vibrant and clear in low lighting. Oneplus one default app got Show shutter ranging from 1/2 sec to 8 seconds & ISO ranging from ISO100 to ISO1600. which is pretty optimal for this phone.

You can follow this video to see how to set slow shutter and ISO to get better images in low light.


More before and after settings sample.



By all the above source  you may starting to love your Oneplus one camera again. Yes it is good camera overall for this price range. you get very professional features within your phone to adjust slow shutter and ISO. these settings cannot be found on other phone easily not even in high end iPhones. I can bet Oneplus one can perform 10x better then iPhone6 or 6 + in low lightening without flash light activated. There are some developers hacked the default camera app and extend the time period of slow shutter and added more ISO settings. which makes the phone more usable in very dark condition. For now if you have default Cyanogen camera app in your Oneplus one try it out play around with these settings & let me know your thoughts in comment below or any tips on Oneplus one camera will be great..