Teclast x98 AIR 3g/II – Remix OS installation guide and review.

Teclast x98 AIR 3g/II – Remix OS installation guide and review.


Teclast x98 AIR 3g/II are one of the most trending Chinese tablet. As this tablet is worth every single penny. The hardware you get inside for such a lower price is insane. I already reviewed this tablet in my previous post. Tablet is awesome cause its dual boot functionality. Which means tablet is good because software inside is good. Today in this post we will see how to install Remix OS on Teclast X98 AIR 3g or AIR II without messing windows partition. Teclast have several models so take care of flashing right rom or else you will get messy inverted front camera.

Step 1 : Check for your Teclast x98 exact model number

Flip your tablet and look for your tablet Model Printed at the back side in bottom.


Step 2 : Download the following utilities required for Flashing

After looking up your tablet model. Download following flashing tools for flash.

Intel Manufacturing Flashing Tool :  Click here to download

Custom Config file : Click here to download

iSOCUSB driver : Click here to download

Intel Android Driver :  Click here to download


Step 3 : Download Remix OS based on your Tablet model

Remix OS Air 3G C5J6 (Most stable + Rootable) Tested + Phone & Message Function Preloaded

Remix OS Air 3G C9J7 (Not tested)

Remix OS Air (Not tested)

Latest build of Official Remix OS for Teclast x98 (All in one tools included) : https://goo.gl/98jSJX (Not Rootable +  No phone function)

Step 4: Installing Drivers and Utilities

  • Install iSOCUSB Driver
  • Install Intel android Driver
  • Install Intel Manufacturing tool

Note: Accept and Agree every warning you get during driver installation.



Step 5: Setup tools

After installation, Copy CUSTOM_CONFIG to Manufacturing Tool folder.


Go to Intel manufacturing file menu in General properties and setup VID value and PID value as mention below


Flash only Android

Select Flash XML. Note : Choose flash_nopartition.xml to flash only android partition (Windows partition untouched)

Repartition Android & Windows partition (Select partition table according to yourself)

Choose flash.xml this will partition the whole tablet android as well as windows. (You will loose windows partition if you select this)


Step 6: Boot your tablet in Fastboot mode

After setting up all tools,  Press volume up + volume down + power button to boot tablet in fastboot mode. And then connect your tablet to computer via usb cable.

Step 7: Flashing.

As soon as your tablet connect to PC via usb in fastboot mode. Intel manufacturing tool will start to flash the tablet. After flashing done it will shutdown your tablet.

Step 8: Power up and Enjoy

Unplug USB cable and boot your tablet normally, and enjoy your Tablet with Remix OS

Remix OS Review on Teclast x98 AIR 3G/II



  • Material Design
  • Desktop like experience
  • Easy multi-tasking
  • Better resource management


  • Sometime slow animation /Lag
  • Google services disabled (Fixable)

Conclusion :

Overall the installation process is very easy just make sure to setup and install tools properly. If you face some error during installation make sure to update drivers. Remix OS is one of the most advance android operating system we have ever tested with desktop like experience. Multi-window and multi tasking excel your productivity. Opening 3 apps simultaneously and working on them is easy in this OS. Despite you will get google services disabled but that can be fixed. We will cover them in our next post. Comment down below if you have any query regarding this guide..