Airtel not able to resolve Carrier issue of Frustrated iPhone users Running...

Airtel not able to resolve Carrier issue of Frustrated iPhone users Running iOS 8.1


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As in previous Softwarelint’s article we already explained the reasons behind all the issue regarding Switching Data network are caused by carrier service not by Apple. We are getting reports of how the airtel customer services responding. Many users tried to contact them regarding the carrier update but after long conversation they don’t understand the problem and keep on transferring calls from one department to other.

More than 50% users in india are using airtel service on iPhone as they are known as the best service provider for iPhone in india so far. But after a huge iOS 8.1 update we came to know that problem still remains the same as in iOS 8.0.2 as it still not having the options for switching network.

We also found Many users having airtel with carrier updated enjoying 2G data network seamlessly. But the one facing problem can’t get the issue fixed as its hard for them to explain the problem to Airtel.

Where’s the cache ?

Airtel just trying to get more users locked to their LTE/3G network. They targeted iPhone users first, as Apple gives easy ability to switch networks to carrier service provider.

What to expect?

  • New iOS update may patch this & allow users to force selection of network bands
  • Carrier setting update may fix this issue.


This is not all about Airtel and Apple, Many users from different country facing this issue. So we should wait for the new iOS update. As we can only expect from apple so far to look at this issue and rolling out new firmware, Which enables users to switch between various bands. We will keep this post updated follow us to know more in future..