‘Hey Siri’, the new event by Apple has just been concluded. All the anticipated announcements, all the products that were to make headway in the marketing aspects of Apple have been announced. As of late, people have only been willing to get a glimpse into the top-secret projects of Apple, and they were more than happy to get a look into the projects. Most importantly, projects like the super-sized iPad pro as well as the recently manufactured Apple TV have been showcased in the event.


Over the last several hours, a lot of important announcements have been made, and for a busy person, keeping track of everything that happened throughout the event would be a big thing. So, as usual, one needs to put together a roundup of everything that is important from today’s event and get to know about all the subsequent reports.

Apple Watch: –


In addition to all the major announcements, Apple has also unveiled new models and bands for the Apple watch, which also includes the Golden and the Rose versions of the Apple watch sport. It also features a new Hermes addition. It features a maximum of 18 hours battery life and also contains a wireless induction charger from MagSafe. There are over 3500 Apple watch applications that can be available for download. You also have the latest WatchOS 2, which is the most updated operating system for the Apple watch to be applicable from 16 September 2015.

iPad pro: –


A device that has been speculated for many years, the new iPad pro is the latest attempt by Apple in order to bridge the gap between the laptops as well as the tablets. It has also been able to infuse a new life into the iPad line which was recently seen suffering in market share. It features an enormous 12.9 inches high-resolution display along with four speakers and it supports accessories such as the Apple pencil, which are a tilt sensitive stylus as well as a smart keyboard.


Apple TV: –


Years of rumors precluded this particular even, and Apple has finally unveiled an entertainment system that is in the form of the next-generation television. The new Apple TV is actually a set-top box that is the spitting image of its predecessor. It has enough power in order to run all the new features and keep up with all the apps and give a serious run for the money from its competition. Major enhancements include an application store which comes with a full developer kit, Siri support, and universal search as well as a remote control that has been redesigned. The Apple TV runs on the tvOS, and also consists of the official SDK support, which can result in the creation of new applications like games center, metal, UIKit and a lot more. There are also a few other third-party software to be integrated into the Apple TV like, Airbnb, Gilt, etc.

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus: –


The anticipated new iPhone 6s, along with its larger counterpart iPhone 6s plus, has been launched in the event. It has been able to uphold the tradition of having the ‘S’ models, which is nearly identical to its predecessor. However, it has enough upgrades as well as the incorporation of new features to make it interesting. Featuring the new A9 processor, along with the enhancement of the FaceTime camera and iSight, a surprising new feature known as the 3-D touch has been incorporated. New features such as the capability of 4K video capture along with the inclusion of a 12 megapixel cameApple September Event 2015 Short Round up ra as the primary camera are the best out of the lot. The presence of the 5 megapixel high-definition camera with Retina flash for Facetime is a wonderful inclusion.

From the Apple convention that was all one could possibly glean that could interest the general public..