WWDC 2016 Recap : Everything you should Know

WWDC 2016 Recap : Everything you should Know


Many big announcements were done by the apple in the WWDC event Recently. They were about the new iOS 10, watchOS3, tvOS and macOS. Here we will talk about all the things you should know. We will not going to get into great details and keep information short and clear.

iOS 10

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The better and faster iOS10 will come with many changes such as interactive notification centre, overhauls messages, organizes photos and the biggest one is that the siri has been opened to developers. It will be made available this fall and the beta version is already out. Here are some of the outstanding features of iOS10.

Lock screen – It is getting an enhancement, now you will able to simply raise your iPhone to see the new lock screen that has been completely redesigned. The notifications get a bunch of details with a 3D touch. Control centre is also getting an enhancement which can now get to audio controls with a swipe. The widgets are also available with just a swipe on the lock screen.

Apple music – It is also completely redesigned and enhanced. The app now opens to your library instantly so now you can play your music at a go. You will also get easy access to your custom created playlists, radio channels, the connect tab and a curated list of new songs.

Apple Maps – The maps now gets integrated with calendar so that it will take a look at your calendar and schedule to give you better transit results for office meetings or it will tell you the time needed to get somewhere based on your previous journey. The map view is also simpler and comes integrated with gas stations. Finally you can now pan and zoom along your route, now that’s a big relief. Now developers can also plug in and integrated apple maps.

Messages – The messages gets emoji and animations overhauls. Message snow come with rich links and emojis are now three times larger. QuickType can now predict emoji. The biggest feature is that you can now tap specific words and the messages will replace it with that certain emoji, now how cool is that.

Photos organizer – It now has a map mode where your photos will be displayed upon a map, so you can see where you took your shot. All of your photos now go into groups  “Memories,” so that you can browse through thousands of photos based on time with another person, vacations, and other things. Like Google photos now Photos can also now generate small videos of those memories.

Other Changes – Siri is enhanced to do lot more than before it can now do lot more to look for information, find your files, execute commands and biggest one is that developers can plug into it. So we can expect siri powered apps now. Apple news is enhanced and redesigned with an amazing new look.


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OS X has been rebranded to macOS, to match the iOS, watchOS and tvOS. The first iteration is the next form of the desktop OS, macOS ‘Sierra’. However we do not see anything out of the box in it else than that it finally has siri added to the macOS. So now we can use siri on our mac too. On macOS, it will function like a combination of siri on spotlight and iOS. Like cortana, you can search for files on your computer and also online, you can message your friends, search for show times of movies and everything else that you can do on iPhone`s siri. iCloud drive also got an enhancement. Now, your Mac’s desktop is in iCloud Drive, which give you ability to share every file instantly  with every other macOS computer you have, and you can access those files on your iOS device. It will also come with an optimized storage function which will delete old files so you won’t fill up your device with old unorganized and unwanted files.

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It also comes with a cool feature which will unlock password while it is near your apple watch. This works seamlessly without any hassle, This is very easy to setup as all you need is to pair your apple watch with your apple ID and enable that feature from macOS. The macOS will also introduce a universal clipboard, where it can copy/paste data transfers from iOS to your iPhone and vice versa.

Additionally, Apple is extending Apple pay to the web in safari. There are also some minor updates. The full version is launching in july while the beta version is already launched for developers.


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Apple has a petty minor updates to its Apple TV OS. You will now be able to make of the remote app for controlling the TV instead of the old Siri remote. Siri also got an update and now you can search for specific tags, like “music from the ‘80s.” You can now also make use of your AppleTV and voice search to find out and play videos on YouTube and other new third-party services.

The new to iOS and tvOS is “Single Sign-on,” which will directly log you into every TV app on your Apple TV at once, instead of before when a code or a special login is required for each one. The update is rolling out in the fall this year.


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Apple has finally acknowledged the concerns pertaining to its wearable category. WatchOS3 has been introduced which didn`t went unnoticed at WWDC and drew high praises.

The Apple Watch was formed for the motive that a wearable could be able to perform all the functions of iPhone with the help of a small touchscreen and hand gestures. However it didn`t live up to its expectations and came short. Rather than a convenience, it was like an extra iPhone on your wrist that is too slow and small that most of the users find it too complicated to access.

WatchOS 3 is a “significant and welcome upgrade”, said Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst at IDC, As this new OS will take advantage of every processing unit the watch can deliver to improve overall user experience. The two biggest problems in  Apple watch was its slow loading and lots of errors. And also the screen is too small to navigate through so much content.

During the Apple event in San Francisco,Vice president technology at Apple – Kevin Lynch, , demonstrated an scoreboard for soccer game in watchOS 3 which seems to load faster then watchOS2.This gives an idea that watchOS3 is greatly optimized to run background activities. Apple has manifested numerous key changes to the working of native and third party apps that are stored and navigated in the update. They are now easier to find, and they load rapidly as compared to watchOS2. Favorite apps are kept in memory, which give users a seamlessly less loads time and favorite apps loads and open up instantly.

Responding to messages is simpler now with the help of “Scribble” a new feature introduced in WatchOS3, which converts letter written on screen of the watch to text. And thus helps in reply to messages.

Customers using the watch for monitoring fitness and health can now set up 5 workout metrics, including pace, distance, active calories, elapsed time and heart rate without the need for a supplementary swipe of the screen. Users can also now directly pay through the watch using ApplePay.