Apple’s Latest Event; A Thorough Insight To The Products Released In March...

Apple’s Latest Event; A Thorough Insight To The Products Released In March 2016


Stepping into this immense era of technological excellence and prestige, the survival of the fittest has been a pretty struggling aspect lately. With the bar of expectations rising higher notoriously, it all turns down to the survival instincts and the approaches used to make the wind blow into your sails. Being one of the most reputed organizations in this technical era of modernization, the Apple & Co. has sparkled themselves to be the best in what they do. Never failing to leave us ecstatically jaw-dropped; the Apple & Co. are definitely impeccable when it comes to the excellence of the technological gadgets.

Taking their caliber to a massive level, the latest launch of the Apple products during the mid of March 2016 has been rated as one of the most successful launches to ever witness. Introducing a new range of the sleekest Apple products for its users, the Apple & Co. has yet again, proved them to be the best in the business. Giving you a thorough insight for what the March 2016 launch was all about, here is a quick imminent over the show the Apple & Co. proudly put up. For the ones who missed it out, here is what

iPhone SE; High-Tech, Affordable & The Most Waited:


 Being apparently one of the most “rumored” gadgets of the Apple & Co. the launch for one of the most High-Tech, affordable and the most deliberately power-packed package by the Apple has raised the bar of excellence a bit higher this time.

  • Hardware Specs:

Being a mix of the recent excellence presented by the Apple & Co. the IPhone SE comprises of the A9 chip as offered by the IPhone 6S. Other notable majors in the IPhone SE includes the 2GB LPDDR4 RAM, the NFC Chip both previously found in the Iphone 6S. The other notable feature is the same design as of the Iphone 5S, with an addition to a 4 inched screen.

  • Pricing:

Being available in the colors of Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Gray; this technologically impressive piece of excellence is available for an estimated $399.


iPad Pro 9.7; Apple’s Current Best:


 Being considered as Apple’s one of the most deliberate and proficient inventions when it comes to Tablets, the iPad Pro 9.7 has definitely made a remarkable ingress in the Apple’s list of manufactured Tablets.

  • Hardware Specs:

Consisting of the frame similar to the Ipad Air 2, the Ipad Pro 9.7 is the improvised version of the Ipad Pro 12.9 inch. Embracing the technicalities of the Ipad Pro 12.9inch, the Ipad Pro 9.7 offers the best camera to date when it comes to tablets. Furthermore, the new color-adaptive and vibrant screen makes a definite one to own.

Making things easier with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard compatibility, the iPad Pro 9.7 introduces the infamous paper-white display. A cherry on top, the iPad Pro 9.7 includes an A9 chipset with the essence of a 2GB RAM, while the battery specs to the iPad Pro 9.7 has downsized to 27.5 Wh as compared to iPad Pro 12.9.

  • Pricing:

Being a bit expensive, the iPad Pro 9.7 has been introduced to an estimated price of $599 for the 32GB version. As for the 128GB and 256GB versions, it costs an additional $150 and $300 respectively.

Miscellaneous Bring In & Changes:

Keeping all the new Device Introduced to a side, the Apple & Co. made a few alterations to their products as well. Described below are some of the latest changes brought in by Apple:

  • Introducing the new TvOS 9.2 Beta for its users, Apple tends to examine as to how the Siri remote works with the new Apple TV. Changing the way how scrubbing works with Apple TV, this new feature makes things a lot easier and convenient.
  • A new feature “CareKit” has been introduced for the developers to monitor their user’s health in IOS as they exploit through.
  • A dropdown in the Apple Watch Sport pricing has been brought to notice by Apple & Co. The price has been downed by $50.

Hence, keeping their bar of proficiency and brilliance at an immensely higher level as usual, the Apple and CO. has turned out to be one of the most resilient, adaptive, strongest and one of the leading trademarks this era praises. With the new introductions up for grab, the things definitely get a lot easier for the Apple users. No wonder why the Apple has the most loyal users of them all!