Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy asked to be put to an end by...

Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy asked to be put to an end by Technology leaders

Donald Trump, presumptive 2016 Republican presidential nominee, pauses while speaking during a campaign event on veterans reform in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S., on Monday, July 11, 2016. Trump said he expects to choose his running mate for the GOP presidential ticket in the next three or four days and is leaning toward a political pick to balance out his outsider status, according to a Monday interview with the Washington Post. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Donald Trump, who has been described in many way and who have also been known for his derogatory comments and statements, especially in relation to diversity. He is mostly known as a businessman, but it is also a well-known fact that he is currently running for President of the United States. Many have predicted dark times ahead for the country, should Trump succeed in becoming one of the most influential people globally. This has been a concern for many and this includes numerous technology leaders, as they raised their concern through an open letter.

Published on Medium, this open letter highlighted the concerns expressed by several technology leaders, regarding Trump’s candidacy for US President. The letter has been signed by people from all walks of life, ranging from researchers to investors; which is to be expected given Trump’s disapproval of new ideas and ill-minded ideas. In the open letter, Trump’s removal as presidency candidate is called upon by emphasising his racist intentions and at times utopian ideologies.

The letter states well expressed facts from which their concerns stem as well as aspects that, when implemented, could have detrimental effects on the country as a whole. They raise a strong argument and this makes their concerns even more obvious.

Many are of the opinion that Trump’s candidacy does not come without prejudice nor chauvinistic characteristics. This could have a negative effect on the United States and its foreign relations with other nations. And since it is no secret of his intentions to mass deport any non-US citizen, would also be removing some of the United States’ most brilliant minds, leaving the entire economy of the country questionable.

Lastly, it is also known that the technology economy is dependent of governments for several reasons such as infrastructure. In the letter, technology leaders also suggest that Trump has disregarded the American political as well as legal institutions and this could result in the country becoming less attractive for companies who might be considering investing, starting or scaling their firm there. In conclusion to the letter, it is stated that an inclusive country is envisioned, in which leadership, opportunity as well as prosperity are fuelled through continuous innovation.

With examples such as the recent Apple vs. FBI case, it is undeniably evident that a collective stand is taken by the technology industry, protecting the foundational pillars on which the industry stands and function. The publishing of this open letter is another example of this collective stand. These that have signed this letter are diverse in profession, however, many are leaders in their field of expertise. The list is quite long in length and have been signed by pioneers such as Alexis Ohanian and David Karp.

Given the above mentioned and the evident concerns raised by many; this letter adds to the fast growing list of truly concerned. One important aspect that has the world talking, is the fact that at present, the United States have one of five veto powers within the United Nations. Trump’s clear intolerance and narrow-minded intentions would be represented at the United Nations, should he become President of the United States. This could result in a complete societal failure.

The effect of this election is clearly far-reaching and has many waiting in anticipation, whilst for others this election results anxiously waited for.