Facebook comments on Facebook Live censorship

Facebook comments on Facebook Live censorship


After the recent trouble that Facebook found themselves in when a graphic video was removed, shortly after going viral. This graphic video was streamed by a lady from Falcon Heights showing her companion being violently attacked on Facebook Live. The removal of this video was blamed on a system bug, which caused a technical error. However, the video resurfaced after some time again, but not without additional questions and concerns arising from users regarding censorship policies followed by Facebook.

In an attempt to clarify these concerns, specifically those that recently came into being related to Facebook’s Live censorship, a statement was released by Facebook. In the statement released by Facebook, it was made clear that content is reviewed based on the Community Standards and not on the premise of content being graphic nor violent. For those that are not sure what the Community Standards policy are, it is list Facebook compiled of all aspects that is allowed to be posted as well as ways to report possible violations related to this policy.

The entire indaba is as a result of imagery that is shared often consisting of violent incidents or graphic situations. When it comes to such content, it will always be a sensitive topic and Facebook is aware of that. Facebook clarified in their statement that sharing of live videos with the intention to create awareness, irrespective of its content, is allowed; while should the live streaming of content cause a mockery of victims concerned or promote violence, are in violation of Facebook’s Community Standards policy.

Facebook also added in their statement that any user have the ability to report any content, should the user be of the opinion that the content being shared is questionable against the Community Standards, as set out by the policy. It also only takes one complaint to be lodged against the content being shared for it to be reviewed, stated Facebook. This is since users tend to think that several reports are required before content is evaluated against the policy, but content could be removed mid-stream should content flag a violation. This comes with Facebook stating that a team specifically focussed on live video reports and responses are in place and available 24/7, allowing users to lodge complaints at any time of day or night.

Some aspects that users should consider when streaming live videos as well as when watching videos on Facebook, is that some content will be graphic or violent in nature. The reasons for this is the fact that Facebook Live is known to be a journalistic tool, not only for organisations but also citizens and therefore allows for breaking news to become available on Facebook and at times this tend to be graphic.