Facebook Trying to Replace SMS with its New “Messenger for Android”

Facebook Trying to Replace SMS with its New “Messenger for Android”


Facebook has forever been changing the overall look of the website and adding/improving new and existing features to ease user navigation and build more mass-connectedness with the site. While Messengers have traditionally been used to send messages, emojis, and GIFs, Facebook went a few notches higher earlier this year, and broke the conventional chat culture by introducing secret basketball, soccer and chess games in their respective emojis. Now that’s fun, engaging and sure to swipe off more hits with the youth and adults alike, probably beating even Candy Crush at racking up addicts!

Last week, the social media crowd-puller went in for more sweeping changes – this time, in the Messenger service itself. Tucking under the old-fashioned chronologically-sequenced inbox under the carpet, it has now rolled over to a more refined system that prioritizes frequent interactions and the most relevant friends right where you can access them – at the top of your screen. This is taken care of the Favorites section. The next update is the Active Now section, which highlights the friends available at the very moment available to chat (marked by a green dot); you can tap See All to see everyone available to chat at the moment. And the last update is that of the list of reminders for upcoming birthdays so you don’t miss wishing your friends.

The birthday reminders in the Messenger may be a little overdone by now since we already have Facebook tickling our memories with reminders popping up in the notifications. It seems Facebook has been targeting to push users to Messenger services and pull them away from rival SnapChat users, as has been evident from its 2014 move of eliminating Chat in the main FB app, forcing people to download the Messenger app. Earlier this month, the social media giant removed messaging capability from its mobile web application, which of course, led to the dynamic Messenger overhaul.

While this is being perceived as a clean sweep of the corporation to subtly trick and “force” users to accept the revamped Messenger app and features, judging at the staggering numbers it has been able to pull in till now (900 million users plus FB-owned WhatsApp crowd) creates a possibility it might just rule mass interaction on a global scale, with the one exception of China (WeChat reigns here). The new Messenger look is also evolved to facilitate a lot of business interactions as well, going beyond the traditional, boring Inbox purpose. So while FB authorities claim the new move has only been made to make it more convenient for users to communicate with less hassle and still get the best out of it, it seems a calculated move and probably aims to become a one-pit stop for everything else, ranging from hosting customer service, news feed, ecommerce follow-ups, scaled-up marketing and even facilitating ease of contacting airline and/or local businesses.

All the new features can be accessed by tapping the “Home” button to the left of Calls, Groups, People and Me in the navigation below. Now it remains to be seen if the world is getting more connected with the force unleashed by Messenger or gets more fragmented, with even people’s privacy and will being impinged upon.

All the numbers saved on the phone can be shown through a green dot, which is available and through which network. People can be remained in touch with the family members or the friends with the just simple touch on the screen.


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The SMS is the new attachment to the messenger. The mobile SMS can also be tagged with the messenger app that can be used with the android. People need not to have a look at the mobile message. While conversing with the messenger they can look it. A majority of people use Facebook for the conservation purpose and based on this concept the messenger is very much helpful. The birthday notifications also can be known through the messenger. It provides a notification on the mobile screen, remembering the important events. Though the Facebook has similar services, it also attaches it to the messenger as people engage more in the conversation.

It has a new home button for the SMS and call. It also has a statistic of the conversation and also shows the list of people that remain in close touch and people when alone this figure are or the ranks can be a reason to smile.


Facebook intends to make messenger more than a simple inbox. Messenger gives conversation a new shape it is not just the type of some few lines or sentences, it now turns to the revelation of the people’s sentiments or emotions through the emoji. A simple app brings people closer and helps people of being a human not a robot. It can be applied in both iOS and android version.

Facebook is a blessing and it is the messenger which brings blessings to the people. It helps people to live their life. People are no longer remaining alone, every single people are in touch with their friends, families colleagues and also their dearest ones. It converts into people’s everyday life. Because people are living life through communication and where communication, there is a messenger.