Google Top Executives join’s facebook for Internet Project

Google Top Executives join’s facebook for Internet Project


Facebook, the biggest social media site, has appointed a co-founder of Google’s high-speed Fibre Internet project to grumble up its Internet connectivity team.

The social network site, Facebook has employed Kevin Lo as its Director of Investments and Infrastructure Connectivity to help and lead Facebook’s partnerships such as with Microsoft that is made to build a high speed fibre optic cable and Terragraph – a project to fetch Wi-Fi to crowded urban areas, as said by tech new site Re/code

Kevin Lo later on entrenched his rendezvous on his own Facebook Page, saying that he desires to carry on board above four billion people who holdup behind in provisions of using high-speed Internet services in their respective countries.


“…so I’m excited to let you know I’m joining Facebook this month as Director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments. I’ll help shape our strategy and investments with partners to build wireless technologies and ecosystems that improve global connectivity,” Kevin Lo wrote.

However, Lo will not gaze after the Free Basics, which is Facebook’s scheme for developing countries for faster and inexpensive access to Internet facilities for those who cannot access it otherwise.

In addition to this, the report mentioned that unlike Google Fibre, Facebook is not preparing to turn into an Internet service provider.

Kevin Lo got employed in Google from 2010 and co-founded the Fibre project of the company, along with managing its business, product and operations. He left Google in 2015, soon before its new name reorganization in August, the report extracted from his LinkedIn profile.

Additionally in April, Facebook hired Ex Google’s employ Regina Dugan who used to run the company’s ATAP division (Advanced Technology and Projects).