Man Overclocks Intel’s Core i7-7700K Kaby River Beyond 7GHz Barrier

Man Overclocks Intel’s Core i7-7700K Kaby River Beyond 7GHz Barrier


A professional overclocker named  Allen “ Splave” Golibersuch continues to be able to overclock a seventh Generation Intel Core i7 7700K processor to some clock rate of recurrence of 7022. 93 Megahertz. He impaired HyperThreading technologies and 2 physical cores of the PROCESSOR.

Capital t this individual 7th era Intel Primary processors – based on the 14nm architecture known as Kaby River – guarantee 4K out from the box. Intel announced the particular processors two months ago, plus it’ s i9000 highly probably for desperate  overclockers to try the real possible of these next-generation CPU’ s i9000.

The yet-to-be-launched Intel Core i7 7700K desktop processor chip was placed on the test mattress by overclocker Allen “ Splave” Golibersuch for the Russia-based website  OCLabs. He knocked the PROCESSOR clock regularity to an incredible 7GHz right after combining this with an ASRock Z170 OC Formula mainboard and using water nitrogen as being a coolant.

For your processor, using a base-clock associated with 101. 79 MHz, the multiple associated with 69x has been applied to press the PROCESSOR past the 7GHz milestone plus achieve a time clock frequency associated with 7022. ninety six Mhz.

Image: OCLabs

Splave kicked out there a bunch of essential features. He or she disabled Hyperthreading and 2 cores from the quad-core i7 7700K. He or she set the particular Vcore volts to 2V, which is about 1 . 2V depending on the processor chip.

Regarding standards, the overclocked CPU was obviously a breeze. Using the overclocked velocity, the PROCESSOR is currently a global record owner for the SuperPi 32m standard with 4m 20 securities and exchange commission’s calculation period. SuperPi requests the PROCESSOR to estimate the value of Professional indemnity to a specific number of numbers. The PROCESSOR ended up with second . 953 secs for wPrime 32M plus 1m thirty-three. 171 securities and exchange commission’s for wPrime 1024M.

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