Hackers Hacked Into Twitter CEO Account

Hackers Hacked Into Twitter CEO Account


Not being the first and with it most definitely not being the last, as yet another celebrity is hacked. This time it is the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, as reported by media on Saturday. It also seems likely to be the same group of hackers, referring to themselves as OurMine.

This group has also claimed credit for other social media accounts compromised such as the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, and Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. Other people that have also been targeted by this group is the former CEO as well as Co-Founder of Twitter, Evan Williams; but also Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO (Chief financial officer) and Twitter Ventures Head.

Twitter, upon news of Williams’ account hacking, did release a report stating that malware was used by hackers and that 32 million login credentials of Twitter users may have been collected. In the report though, it was stated as a possibility rather than an actuality. However, based on a report by TechChurch- a technology-oriented website- the dark web has Twitter credentials for sale.

As to how exactly this hack took place, is yet to be determined. Even though it has been reported that messages posted by OurMine to Dorsey’s Twitter account originated from Vine. Therefore, it is assumed that the hackers obtained access through his Vine account. This was done by possibly finding a password to his Vine account that was either old or shared, and through connecting that to another compromised service, the hackers might have gained access.

Twitter is also not the only social media platform that have experienced a data breach. Not so long ago, LinkedIn- a career-oriented social media platform- also had to deal with a possible breach in data; at which point all its users had to be notified to be cautious. Prior to this, LinkedIn also had their login credentials hacked, leaving passwords as well as personal information of over 166 million users in jeopardy. In an attempt to alleviate damages caused, LinkedIn stated that additional measures would be taken to secure the privacy of users’ information and also explained as to how they intended to do exactly that.

Since there have been a number of high-profile hackings taking place, one could only wonder who will be the next high-profile celebrity to be targeted. Not only that, but what possible avenue would these hackers follow next.

Source : theguardian