Having iPhone 6 ? Should upgrade or wait for next?

Having iPhone 6 ? Should upgrade or wait for next?


You must be wondering if you should upgrade to iPhone 6s or not. Well let break down this into two parts. “Why” and “Why not” !

Apple always releases its ‘S’ versions of iPhone with specs bump and new features and keep the design same. By Keeping same design many old iPhone user stick with their phone and wait for next generation iPhone. This time also apple releases new iPhone 6s and 6s+ with same design and specs bump & with new ROSE GOLD color. Feature they added includes 3D touch, 12mp optics with 4k recording, 2gb ram with A9 processor and all new Retina flash with 5mp front facing camera & Faster touch ID. 

You think this worth trading your old iPhone and get the new one? Well it is possibly good for those who owns iPhone 5 or 5s to get 6s but the one who own iPhone 6 should think wisely and wait for next release of iPhone. Below i breaked down the discussion why and why not to upgrade your iPhone as follows.

Reason Why to Upgrade :

  • New 12MP optics with 4k Camera 
  • 5mp Front facing camera + Retina Flash
  • 3D touch 
  • Extra 1 Gb RAM
  • A9 processor 
  • 2nd gen Touch ID

Reason Why not to Upgrade :

  • Same design
  • Camera quality is same just lower resolution then 6s
  • No performance Difference in Real world
  • Bigger Battery
  • Lightweight
  • 6s is Expensive 
  • #chipgate
  • 3dtouch, live photo and front flash can be implemented after Jailbreak


Conclusion :

Get iPhone 6s if you having iPhone 5 or 5s, Or else if you are apple fanboy and wanted to get hands on those new features mentioned above.