How lenovo Rocket Charging Technology Works Explained

How lenovo Rocket Charging Technology Works Explained


Recently Lenovo introduces its quick charging Technology by naming it Rocket charging. Every company have its own trademark and name of quick charging technology. As motorola’s Turbo charge, Samsung’s Fast charging and now lenovo’s Rocket Charging. 

On recent event lenovo launched new smartphone Vibe P1 which packed with 5000mah battery. Which is huge and can give user massive juice to run device longer. Huge battery means long charging time. But by lenovo Rocket charging technology you can pretty much again battery charge rapidly.  They saying this technology is fastest in the world which means they beats Moto x Style charging speed. You can get 10 hours of battery life by 10 min of charging where on Moto X style you getting 8 hours of battery life in 15 min of charging. This sound pretty great. 

So how it works? 

Lenovo employee stated that just like there are multi booster in Rocket we also implemented such kind of technology within our phone and its charger which is called as Multi-stage technology. 

Initially Phone will charge at rate of 12v with 2Amp which turn into 24 watt in total, Which claims 2000mah full charge within 30 minutes Then it will consistently lower the charge rate to 9v , 7v , 5v respectively to keep the battery cooler and prevent it from thermal damage. 

(12v > 9v > 7v > 5v ) @2amp

Lenovo also claims you can even fast charge another device by taking advantage of Vibe P1 advance port. It can also output high watt charge through OTG so that you can charge your other phone very rapidly.