Using Calculator Within Linux Command word Line?

Using Calculator Within Linux Command word Line?


You can use the particular Linux airport terminal to do numerical calculations making use of command collection calculator resources. This includes the particular inbuilt gcalccmd and GNU bc. Qalculator ,   a third party electricity is also a great command range calculator.

T he loan calculator is a terrible lot of the handy application because it’ s difficult for us to obtain our minds at work. Several calculator applications are smart, and some of these are foolish af. Nevertheless , that’ ersus a different subject of conversation we can possess some other time. This article explains some equipment which permit you to use the loan calculator from the command word line within Linux distros.


It is the system version associated with Gnome Finance calculator utility found in Linux distributions like Ubuntu. To use the particular gcalccmd loan calculator tool, kind the following command word in the airport terminal:

The actual calculations

Performing computations is simple. Simply enter the quantities and preferred operators within the terminal plus press Get into. You can also make use of brackets within your calculations.

You will find the sq . root, organic log, and so on:


You can also find sine, cosine, tangent values pertaining to given sides:


Push CTRL+D in order to exit from your gcalccmd device and still stick to the command word line. You are able to access the assistance section using the help control inside gcalccmd.


Qalc is the airport terminal version from the calculator application, Qalculate. This doesn’ big t come pre-installed like gcalccmd. The command  line loan calculator also enables you to do foreign currency conversions apart from regular computation work.

You are able to install Qalc  using the subsequent command within the terminal:

sudo apt-get install qalc

Right after installation, if this fails to up-date currency exchange  rates, then you can certainly do so by using the simple steps below:

Within the terminal, kind qalc plus press get into. To revise the foreign exchange rates, kind exrates plus press get into.

You can use the particular qalc order to start Qalculate  on the control line. That can be done the foreign currency conversion the following:


That you can do unit transformation along with  regular calculation  stuff. Furthermore, it recalls the answer out of your last computation. So , you are able to go such as this:


Press CTRL+D to depart qalc control line finance calculator utility. You are able to access the assistance section using the help command word inside the qalc utility.

GNU bc

GNU bc is really a command collection calculator electricity that is  used  meant for regular in addition to scientific computations in the order line.

How to set up GNU bc?

Much like gcalccmd, bc is also found in your Linux distro.

Using bc

That can be done calculations like the other control line calculators mentioned above.

They were some of the command word line loan calculator utilities you may use on the Linux terminal. For more information about these types of utilities, you can travel to their guy pages.

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