Is Customary IPhone Anticipation Continuing with the new iPhone 7?

Is Customary IPhone Anticipation Continuing with the new iPhone 7?


It is not uncommon for anticipations to run high before the release of a new iPhone device and with exact release date unknown; it is only customary for rumours regarding everything related to the new iPhone 7 to exist. Based on previous iPhone devices released and their respective release dates, many expect the release of the iPhone 7 to be no different, September 2016. When the iPhone 7 is compared to its predecessor, it becomes clear from many analysts that not much in terms of changes can be expected. With this said, changes are likely to be with regards to display, design, camera, storage and ports.

No major changes to the display can be anticipated with the release of the iPhone 7, as it is mostly assumed that this device will have a higher resolution display. Some believe that this is as a result of rumours related to iPhone backlight unit supplies. Additionally, design changes are minimal, with imagery released indicating a mere change to the antenna bands.


The iPhone 7 camera specs and rumours have been limited and this is attributed to Apple focussing on imaging technology and the refinement thereof. However the dual lens rear camera, as camera upgrade for the iPhone 7, is greatly anticipated. Sadly enough, the iPhone 7 Plus device is the only device rumoured to have this camera upgrade.

Considering the internal specs and the lack of changes to the design, Apple will have to add enticing changes internally to attract people. Therefore a new processor, motion-coprocessor and RAM upgrade is expected. The improved processor and motion-coprocessor inevitably increase device speed, with rumours suggesting that with the iPhone 7 Apple will be boosting the RAM to 3GB.

Rumours regarding storage of the iPhone 7 repeatedly highlights the possibility that Apple might be dropping the 16GB entry level model and featuring 256GB storage space. Additionally, it is also rumoured that the iPhone 7 may ditch the headphone jack and instead gain a new Smart Connector port. This will encourage users to plug their headphones via Bluetooth or Lightning port.

Based on the rumours and assumed changes as well as improvements, the iPhone 7 may not be the major changes than what would be the customary expectation, but a must for anyone that are technologically driven.