Kickass is back with a new domain

Kickass is back with a new domain


From the last few days, there has been news about the problems between the KAt family and homeland security department. And here is yet another version of KickAss Torrents that has emerged on the internet as with its full database and is live now reports the verge.

The homeland security seized all the KAT’s domains. They also cope up to arrest the founder of KAT known as Tirm whose actual name is Artem Vaulin. They did it with the help of Apple and Facebook. However, the most lovable torrent site is now back as kickass torrents and Dxtorrents.

Itt is kind of funny how the website is emerging again and again with a new face and domains just like the characters in Indian TV series or now you can say that about Jon Snow too from Game of Thrones. It is back with a domain which was The website is now being “hosted on different cloud servers to prevent blockade, and the hosting information is well hidden behind Cloudflare,” the makers of said in a mail to The Verge.

These pirate websites coming back again and again from dead may not be a surprise. The Pirate Bay did similarly in the past. It’s now running smoothly with all of its grandeur and its original domain. It doesn`t matter how many times security agencies put these sites down they will emerge again and again somehow, just like they have done so many times this far.