Microsoft Giving free laptop if they unable to Upgrade to Windows 10...

Microsoft Giving free laptop if they unable to Upgrade to Windows 10 in 1 day


The tech giant Microsoft’s free Windows 10 offer has been a very successful propaganda. It has tempted millions of users, of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10. But, this journey has not been a soft ride for Microsoft. However, Microsoft’s free upgrade offer is coming to an end on 29th July. So, Microsoft is trying to draw more and more users before the free upgrade offer expires. To accomplish that, Microsoft has made a bet to users and has launched a new campaign.

So here’s the bet if Microsoft is not able to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 by the end of one day, it will give you a free laptop which is Dell Inspiron 15.

Obviously, there are a number of set of conditions latched with this offer. This arrangement can only be made at Microsoft’s stores situated all across the nation. One more thing, is that this campaign only engross Windows 8 laptops, leaving Windows 7 users base behind. This action is surprising because Windows 7 is still operational on more than 40 percent of PC around the world.

So, if you have attempted installing Windows 10 on your Windows 8 laptop or desktop and failed, locate a Microsoft Store nearby and pay a visit. Microsoft staff will try to install the Windows 10 on your computer. If your computer can not run Windows 10 and you bring it to the store, Microsoft will pay you 150 USD to purchase a new laptop running Windows 10.

If they are able to install Windows 10 on your present PC in Microsoft store, you will get a supplementary discount of 20USD on purchase Office 365 Home.

However, this offer is only applicable for the Microsoft retail stores in the Canada and United States.

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