Oneplus one users may stay and wait for Oneplus 3

Oneplus one users may stay and wait for Oneplus 3



Oneplus 2 finally released check the features here, finally 50% of #HYPE is over. As per report configuration of Oneplus 2 seems to be good for the price but user owning Oneplus One aren’t that much happy. Oneplus 2 is great , looks good having better design. But still there is something missing which will not really makes Oneplus one user to trade their one to buy Two. If you are curious and very big fan you may get extra phone but in general opinion more then 50% of Oneplus one user wont be doing that.


11 reasons : Why Oneplus one user will stay with one :

  1. Oneplus one is still killer, CPU + RAM can run pretty much any app fluently.
  2. Same camera Mega pixels + DCI 4k video enabled.
  3. NFC support (Pretty handy hardware)
  4. Same FULL HD IPS panel (Colors can be tweak-able)
  5. Same MONO speakers for sure
  6. Same 5 mp front facing camera
  7. 3100mAH still good
  8. Oxygen OS 2.0 will be released for One Soon
  9. Oneplus one is good looking with minimal design
  10. Not easy to trade One now as Two released for less price, and One is easily available (People will not be buying One)
  11. Hard to get invites again

10 Reasons : Why buy Oneplus two if you have One already :

  1. Want to be part of #HYPE phone
  2. Cause of its better metal design
  3. Camera lover | Better Camera + OIS + Laser focus (4k DCI disabled)
  4. 3300 Mah battery
  5. Dual SIM
  6. Finger Print reader
  7. USB- C type port (I hope for HDMI out this time)
  8. Snapdragon 810 with 4 GB Ram
  9. Extra Alert slider button
  10. You drop your ONE and its damaged and looking for TWO for a longtime.

Oneplus One vs Oneplus Two specs (Source: GSMArena)

oneplus one vs oneplus two


I own Oneplus one, I would switch to Oneplus 2 if :

Oneplus 2 comes with :

  1. Quad HD display
  2. Right speaker placement with Stereo support
  3. External SD card slot
  4. NFC for Android pay (Indian users may not require this)
  5. Quick Charging (With help of USB C)
  6. Physical Home button and better backlight on Capactive button (Seems low as one)


Verdict & Conclusion :

I m Oneplus fan, But i dont have enough reasons to switch to Oneplus 2 for just couple upgrades and hardware changes really. I would wait for 3rd generation phone from Oneplus. For this price point oneplus two is amazing but for new customer not for one who is already owing one plus one. Slightly better design and build quality with some camera upgrades wont make any changes in overall phone experience. Many Oneplus one user may have switched to oneplus 2 if it has a superior panel with better colors or higer resolution then FHD. Let me know your comment below what you think is it worth to buy Oneplus 2 if you own one already..