Raul Diaz, was detained by the cops for burning down Google Car

Raul Diaz, was detained by the cops for burning down Google Car


The search giant Google’s self-driving cars keeps on roaming around in different places for capturing footages and images of the ambiance which gives fuel to their Street View feature. No one of us would have even slightly thought that anyone would try to damage one of these childlike self-directed vehicles. The reason for this atrocity was that according to the person that he thought “Google was watching him”.

An Oakland based person named Raul Diaz, Male, was detained by the cops for burning down a Street View car of the Google. In accordance with the affidavit filed in the District court of San Jose on July 1st, Raul possessed with ingredients required to create a pipe bomb and firearm case to fire the bomb in his car when the law enforcement found him on June 30 remote to the Google campus. Raul has been charged with one reckon of arson. As per the affidavit, Raul accepted himself guilty for burning down a Street View car and also firing shots at Google`s office windows.

He initiated all of his drama for the sole reason that he thought Google was spying on him and he was very offended about that. On May 19th, he flanged Cocktails on an autonomous car side parked in the Mountain View campus. His bad luck though that the Molotov he threw rebounded back and fell on the ground making insignificant damages to the car. Raul did not stop there; he approached back about a month later and threw fire shots at the Google’s office windows where he was noticed and recognized by a Google employee.

Technology has its own advantages and the man was seen by few of the many digital eyes installed at the Google campus. The law enforcement officers managed to identify the SUV which is supposed to be of Raul which was present during both the attacks.

After a few days, another Street View car was bring into being in ash form and a person holding a gun which was supposed to be a water gun but was filled with a combustible liquid was captured in a video from installed cameras. Raul was recognized as a possible suspect by a law enforcement officer while he was driving the same car that was captured in the camera footage. After his arrest, Raul admitted his abhorrence for Google and that he believed that they were watching him.