“Small Mistake” By Engineer nearly broke complete Insfrastructer of Internet

“Small Mistake” By Engineer nearly broke complete Insfrastructer of Internet


The internet has very important role and place in our society now, but just think what will happen if the internet of a whole area vanishes. Sounds weird right, as it never happens. But you will be astonished to know that it did happen. Internet is a sensitive place, a one wrong click and boom, you are somewhere else. The same thing happened with internet providing Sweden based company, when one of it engineer committed a little mistake. Now you might be eager to know how a single mistake can take away an areas whole internet.

Sweden based internet infrastructure company TeliaSonera is one of the few companies that provides the basic infrastructure of the internet. It plays a major role in connecting the internet from United Stated to other various European Countries. This recent mishap by the company affected several big internet services like Facebook, Whatsapp, Reddit, Slack and Cloudflare. As the mishap was noted across numerous countries, TeliaSonera sent a note to all other network operators to inform them about this massive outage.

As the problem was very big and was affecting a large population and area, it was thought that it is due to some cut or damage in some transatlantic cable. However, it was later told that it was due to little mistake of an engineer in the company. What happened is by mistake he misconfigured an imperative router and headed all Europe’s internet traffic to HongKong. Nevertheless, now the problem is fixed by the company and things have become normal. But because of this problem, now the company TeliaSonera is facing hassle from numerous technology giants who are its profound customers.

Matthew prince who is CEO of Cloud flare recently tweeted – “Reliability of @TeliaCarrier over last 60 days unacceptable. Deprioritizing them until we are confident they’ve fixed their systemic issues.”

Such a little mistake by an engineer has started such a storm that hit all big giants, and now everyone doubts the capabilities and reliability of the company. We don’t know what happened to the Engineer who caused that, but it does not seem good. So now we know how sensitive is controlling these vast powers of internet are. Even one person’s mistake can bring slump to the whole industry. We hope nothing such as this happens again as it comprises all the services to us that are coming via Internet.