Sony Launches World’s Fastest Facts Till Time, “Write Acceleration 299 MB/Sec”

Sony Launches World’s Fastest Facts Till Time, “Write Acceleration 299 MB/Sec”


Sony just announced the particular world’ t fastest SECURE DIGITAL cards along with read/write rates of speed of three hundred and 299 MB/s correspondingly. Known as SF-G Series, these types of Class 3 or more (UHS) plus Class ten (SD) credit cards can be used to report high-resolution 4K videos effortlessly. The collection comes in 3 storage choices and will be available  in Mar.

To he or she Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has introduced new extremely high-speed SECURE DIGITAL cards because the  SF-G series. The particular special matter about the SF-G Collection UHS-II SECURE DIGITAL Memory Card can be it’ h the world quickest SD card until date within 2017.   Last year, Samsung and SanDisk managed to release a couple of world’ s firsts in the Sdcard segment .

The particular SF-G collection, based on the UHS-II interface, comes in three dimension options, 32 GB, 64GB, plus 128GB. These types of cards are usually temperature proof, shock evidence, x-ray evidence, and can quickly record 4K videos whenever used in Digital slrs. Sony claims a read through speed associated with 300 Megabytes per second and creates speed associated with 299 Megabytes per second for these credit cards which come under the Course 10 (SD) and Course 3 (UHS) speed lessons.

Sony states the SF-G Series UHS-II memory credit cards will be for sale from the following month.

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