“TaihuLight” – World’s Fastest Computer Powered by 10 Million Cores

“TaihuLight” – World’s Fastest Computer Powered by 10 Million Cores


China has brought everyone to surprise by creating TaihuLight, the world’s fastest supercomputer, beating its own Flagship Tianhe-2. TaihuLight runs at an amazing speed of 93 peta flops per second and features 10.65 million processor cores. The latest supercomputer rankings were disclosed today in Frankfurt at International Supercomputer Conference.

Another thing to look on about TaihuLight is that it uses homegrown Chinese chips instead of intel chips. As U.S. has banned the export of Intel chips last year, China decided to use its superconductor technology.

The Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer was formed at the NRCPC which stands for National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology. TaihuLight features the SW26010 processors that made in china and are similar to the Digital Alpha chip.

TaihuLight comes with more than “40,000 chips and with 10.65 million processor cores “ stacked in 40 cabinets. In Comaprison to this, the fastest supercomputer United States has just have 560,000 cores.

This Powerful machine showed a capacity of 93 petaflops per second on standard tests, which is about three times faster than past record-holder Tianhe-2.

And if you are thinking that U.S. is just simply sitting and watching these developments, get this, the American government has already sanctioned a $200 million contract to Intel and NVIDIA to build a 150 petaflop machine.