Teri Goldstein, sued Microsoft over a botched up Windows 10 update

Teri Goldstein, sued Microsoft over a botched up Windows 10 update


Microsoft has finally come to face some of the realities, having been able to avoid complaints regarding the Windows 10 automated upgrade. This took place when a Windows user, Teri Goldstein, sued Microsoft over a botched up update. Goldstein, a Californian woman, recently got compensated $10 000 from Microsoft, after a Windows 10 update ran automatically and failed.

Teri Goldstein

It initially started when Goldstein’s computer automatically tried to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and failed to do successfully. This left her computer unstable, being prone to crashing, and quite often unresponsive. She took the problem to Microsoft support, but to her disappointment the problem was not rectified. All this led to Goldstein suing Microsoft, claiming damages incurred as a result of her inability to operate as travel agent to her maximum capacity as well as a new computer. In a statement Goldstein said that Windows 10 was unknown to her and that she did not authorize such an update. At first Microsoft filed for an appeal denying any wrongdoing. This was later dropped in an attempt to lessen litigation cost, therefore compensating Goldstein $10 000.

It has been a common experience for numerous users that have upgrade to Windows 10, especially those upgrading from older versions. This seems to be a trend with Windows upgrades and more often than not problems getting the system to work after such an upgrade is confronted. Additional to this, the Windows 10 upgrade has been pushed aggressively by Microsoft. This has left users frustrated, leaving grounds for complaints; even though Microsoft maintains the advantageous necessity of the upgrade.

The problem with the Windows 10 update is that it was initially an optional upgrade, until Microsoft changed it to a “recommended update”. This resulted in Windows 10 being installed automatically without the user’s consent. Users all over have become enraged and Goldstein is no different. Given the problems that users have been experiencing, together with agitation of many users regarding the Window 10 upgrade, it was only a matter of time before the lawsuits starts flooding in. This case of Goldstein will therefore be the first of many to come for Microsoft.