TRAI to launch an app to measure internet speeds

TRAI to launch an app to measure internet speeds


The Telephone Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) announced that it will launch a mobile application that will enable the users to measure the internet speeds and send the results back to the TRAI Analytics Portal. The app is called “My speed” app and can be downloaded from the mobile sewa app store once it is launched. The app will be launched on July 5 according to the announcement.

The application will also send the coverage, data speed and network info along with the device and its location. The regulatory has defined the minimum internet speed that should be delivered to the customers. In spite of this many customers complain of poor speed. The regulatory during its drive test also found that the 3G customers of some operators were getting 2G internet most of the time in some cities. According to TRAI, the minimum download speed for 3G/ CDMA EDVO service should be 1mbps and for GSM and CDMA 2G  it should be 56kbps.

This app will help the regulatory check and keep track of the internet services provided to the customers. TRAI had sought  public views on its consultation by May 5  and counter-comments on it by May 12.

Download MySpeed App from here