WD vs Toshiba vs HGST vs Seagate — Which usually Hard Drives...

WD vs Toshiba vs HGST vs Seagate — Which usually Hard Drives Are usually Most Reliable?


Is your harddrive reliable sufficient to shop your essential data? The most recent Backbaze survey is here in order to answer your own queries plus help you determine the best harddrive brand. Based on their substantial tests,   8TB HGST and 4TB Toshiba hard disks were able to endure the entire year with no failure. Furthermore,   3TB and 8TB hard drives had been found to become most dependable types.

Electronic ven though the re-homing of strong state hard disks and impair storage keeps growing by step and range, the good outdated hard drives aren’t going away in the near future. This also illustrates the aspects one should consider while purchasing a new hard disk drive.

That is the most dependable hard drive? This particular question is certainly very  complicated as examining hard drives is really a tiresome plus time-consuming procedure. Also, hard drive manufacturers hesitate through releasing the information related to the particular failure prices of their items. In such circumstance, Backblaze is here now to your save.

Backblaze is famous for documenting and preserving daily statistics from the hard disks in their information centers. The organization is here along with their newest data , which will provide you with a good idea about the most reliable hard disk drives.

At 2016 Q4 finish, Backblaze  has been monitoring seventy two, 100 information drives. The information shared from the company addresses the overall performance of 71, 939 manufacturing hard drives. Here’ s the particular table from the failure prices:

Most dependable hard disk drives in 2016 Q4

Throughout this period, for a look at the particular table, the particular 8TB HGST, 8TB Seagate, and 4TB Toshiba hard disk drives were the only real ones along with 0% failing rate. Right here, you can disregard the 8TB Seagate model since it had an typical age of simply 1 . forty-four months. However, 8TB HGST and 4TB Toshiba hard disks went all seasons without any failing.

Compared to the second . 47% failing rate within 2015, the entire hard drive failing rate has been 1 . 95%. It was significantly below the particular 6. 39% failure price for 2014.

Hard drive failing rates simply by drive dimension

Talking particularly about the dimension, the 4TB and 6TB hard drives had been found to become most susceptible, with second . 06% plus 2 . 22% failure price, respectively. However, 3TB plus 8TB hard disk drives were discovered to be best, with one 40% plus 1 . 60 per cent failure prices, respectively.

Harddrive failure prices by  producer

Now, arrives the switch of most reliable manufacturers. WDC turned out to be the particular worst artist with a few. 88% failing rates, then Seagate along with 2 . 65% failure price. HGST plus Toshiba had been the best artists with zero. 60% plus 1 . 27% failure prices, respectively. hard drive statistics 3

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