2014 Most Awaited New Smartphones Coming Out

2014 Most Awaited New Smartphones Coming Out


For the Smartphone fanatics, it is good news to know that there are new Smartphones coming out that are worth waiting for this 2014. Because the mobile technology evolution is taking a fast pace year after year, it is expected that there are new and better Smartphone breeds that will soon come out in the market. If you are looking for a brand new Smartphone to buy this year, here is a list of the new Smartphones coming out that you should keep an eye on.

The New HTC One (HTC M8)

This is one of the new Smartphones coming out soon that comes first on the list as it is rumored to be released sometime in February. The Taiwan based company HTC is expected to release its new flagship in Smartphone called the HTC M8 and is expected to be available in the market sometime in March or April. Unconfirmed rumors were out in the news with regards to its specifications that will be powered by a 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon in 800 chipset. It will run on Android 4.4 Kitkat and you can enjoy using these new Smartphones coming out in a 5 inch display in 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung-S5-001-578-80 copy

If you are looking for new smartphones coming out that offers a different user interface experience among mobile users, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be a promising option to look forward of buying. If you have been used to using the Samsung’s TouchWiz UI feature, you should expect not to find this feature anymore to the latest Samsung Galaxy editions. This is because it is rumored that this year, one among the new Smartphones coming out with a unique feature is the Samsung Galaxy S5 that will have a new overhauled user interface. Although there are no confirmed reports about the new UI feature of the soon to be released Samsung Smartphones many expect that this new generation of mobile devices will come with superb LCD display.

LG G Pro 2

LG-Optimus-G-Pro-Online-Booking copy

LG is very open in announcing that they there will soon be new Smartphones coming out in the market from their company that will be loaded with great features. The LG G Pro 2 will be graced with the company’s new optical image stabilization (OIS) technology and with a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 13 megapixel camera. The unique feature that you should look forward from the LG G Pro 2 is the floating lens that remains steady even when the mobile user shakes the device. The new Smartphones coming out from LG are expected to have some overhaul in their camera features. The LG G Pro 2 will be launched in 6-inch full display in HD, 800 quad-core processor Qualcomm snapdragon, 3GB RAM and run within the KitKat Android 4.4.

Normandy Nokia X


For the mobile fanatic users who are looking for new Smartphones coming out at a best priced budget value, the Nokia X seems to be the best offer that Nokia can give. It is expected that this Smartphone will be powered by a 1GHz processor at 512 MB RAM. Its modest features also include the 4 inch LCD in 854 x 480 pixel resolution. Another enticing feature of the Normandy Nokia X is its dual SIM capability which makes it at par to the other competitive budget Smartphones in the market today. The device is also expected to come with a highly customized user interface. It is expected that the Normandy Nokia X will be released officially during the Mobile World Congress in 2014 together with the other new Smartphones coming out this year.