Affordable SSDs from chinese brand Colorful available now

Affordable SSDs from chinese brand Colorful available now


Bored with standard magnetic hard drive? It’s a good time to switch & upgrade your storage. Colorful brings you great SSDs for great price. If your system running slow or your program take ages to load then this is the time of realization that your PC storage needs an upgrade. SSDs are expensive but they are value for money as you will get high read and write speed which will increase your work flow upto 30%. Programs,application,games, video rendering everything will be fast compared to pc with standard hard drive.

User usually install SSD for operating system and programs which is in use daily. If you use your computer for professional work and work which require lots of I/O then you should consider SSDs. SSD will immensely improve your system bootup speed + program will load faster. If you buy ssd for same specs from bigger company those ssd will cost you more then these SSDs.  SSD life span is also better then HDD once you install it you forget about it for years, it will perform great as usual. Due to no moving parts SSDs are silent and no heat will be felt on it surface. Less heat helps in system to perform cooler as well.

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Main Features:
● High capacity up to 256GB gives you enough space to keep your OS and Main apps.
● Sequential data read and write performance are up to 510MB/s and 350MB/s
● High-speed and stable cache: 256M
● Fully compatible with SATA interface
● The computer system with this SSD which can be used as cache memory between the hard disk drive and system memory therefore improves your work efficiency

You can buy these SSDs from Gearbest today. These ssd comes with 2 variant 120gb which will cost you around $39.89 and 256gb variant will cost you $60.69 with free international shipping. 

Buy now before stock ends. :

Original Colorful SS350P 120GB Solid State Drive –

Original Colorful SS400P 240GB Solid State Drive –