Android N is “Nougat” not Nutella

Android N is “Nougat” not Nutella


Google at its I/O conference in May unveiled the latest edition of its smartphone OS which is Android N. Today Android N has finally revealed its official name i.e. Android Nougat. That is certainly less electrifying than Nutella, which almost everyone wanted for it. However at least it is also superior then some names such as Android Nipples, so we think we’ll take it. Practically speaking, Nutella most likely would have caught up some licensing woes, although they handled it with Kit Kat.

Google publicized this news on its snapchat handle and twitter accounts. For the foremost time ever, Google requested suggestions from the users and asked us to name its new Android OS. Nevertheless, Google didn’t disclose that the name Nougat was the most voted Android name.

Android tweeted “Introducing #Android Noughat. Thank you, world, for all your sweet name ideas! #AndroidNReveal ”. Sundar Pichai, also tweeted – “Welcome #AndroidNougat! Thank you to the millions of @Android fans who helped us name it.”

The release of Android N, initially announced in March and presently on its second (and mostly stable) beta, brings latest features like an enhanced notification shade and split-screen multi-tasking to the smartphone OS and also improves features like Doze. The publication also has Daydream which is Google`s new Virtual Reality platform baked into it however it will ony be running of daydream enabled handsets.