Apple Smartly Brings “Most used Android Features” to iOS 10

Apple Smartly Brings “Most used Android Features” to iOS 10


With the release of new ios 10, Apple borrowed some of the features that has been there in android since it’s release. And you all might be interested in knowing these.

  • First in the row comes the new lock screen system of ios 10 with more interactive notification and card style design that has been there in android since the launch of Lollipop 5.0.


  • Apple Maps in iOS 10 has also borrowed a cluster of new features such as traffic information, additional stops on the route to your destination, and third-party integration. Google by now has rolled out this feature to its Google Maps application.


  • Apple Photos app seems to be somewhat familiar. The apple photos app with power of artificial intelligence can sort photos according to the place, name and face just like what Google photos app do. As with the Apple Notes app, the Cupertino-based tech firm has introduced a association feature that has been with Google’s Keep note-making app since almost years now.


  • ‘Rise to wake up’ is an supplementary feature that has made its first appearance in the iOS 10. Using it, people can lift their iOS 10-based smart phones just like Google android phones and view the information and notification without tapping on the display.

  • Apple’s virtual helper Siri is now unlock for third party developers via an API. This will permit other outside apps to function using Siri’s voice orders. Something that has been the case with Google Now since quite some time. However it may not be right to say that they are wholly copied from android but yeah they do look similar to the already used functions on android.