Apple’s new ‘try and buy’ offer will work?

Apple’s new ‘try and buy’ offer will work?


Apple India announced a new offer named it ‘try and buy’ offer. In this offer they gonna let users try iPhone for 2 weeks and then return back to them. This is very interesting isn’t it? The basic idea behind doing this offer is to spread and to advertise an iPhone. This looks pretty good marketing strategy but not by the buyers point’s of view its really good let us tell how?

This trial offer is only available at select Apple retailers such as Aptronix, Imagine, Nyasa, iStore by Reliance Digital, Maple and Unicorn.

So before getting into this offer i would like to give you some short overview on their terms and condition. 

  1. To get iPhone for 2 weeks free trial, You need to first pay the whole amount of an iPhone you chosen to try.  
  2. After 2 weeks of usage while returning the phone apple gonna charge you fixed Rs .1000 restocking fees. That you will have to pay.
  3. This is the most important thing to notice. Apple mentioned that only a phone will returns which will have all its accessories and box without any scratches. Apple did not clarify how much scratches will have to be. (Its very easy to get minor scratches on iPhone by the user week usage)
  4. After returning your phone money not gonna refund instantly.It going to take 3 business days, and money will be paid via cheuqe or money transfer.

In conclusion Apple thought of a very good marketing strategy to advertise their flagship iPhones within users by handing ‘try and buy’ offer. What you think ? You gonna try this offer?.