Asus will launch first phone with Snapdragon 821 in India

Asus will launch first phone with Snapdragon 821 in India


Asus, Taiwanese brand famous for launching and bringing affordable smartphones to people has launched yet another smartphone in the market. Meet the latest entrant to the high end smartphone market. The Asus Zenfone 3 series, a flagship high end design manufactured by Taiwan’s local electronic manufacturer is set to give market dominants a run for their money. These phones are competing with the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, Huawei P9 and ZTE Axon 7 both in specifications and performance.

The Zenfone 3 comes in a family of three smartphones: The Zenfone 3 Deluxe (flagship 5.7″display), Zenfone 3 (entry level 5.5″ display) and Zenfone 3 Ultra (a whooping 6.8″ display). When it comes to features, these machines comes jam packed. Boasting an Aerospace grade aluminium alloy uni-body that replaces the bland plastic of previous Zenfone generations, huge display screens, super AMOLED display, ultra thin bezel resulting in 79% screen to body ratio, built in fingerprint sensor, 23 megapixels camera, 64 GB flash memory and expandable upto 128 GB, high capacity 3000mAh battery and an amazing 6GB memory. These are the standard for most premium smartphones and the Zenfone 3’s do not disappoint.


The biggest surprise is the chipset of the phone which is Snapdragon 821 which is first one to be launched on any smartphone in India. It is slightly optimized and enhanced version of snapdragon 820. It will be having glass on both back and front of the phone and expected to be released at a price range of 17000 Rs while is higher version which zenfone 3 deluxe is expected to be at a price around double of the former one.

While the new Go model is expected to be near 10,000Rs mark. One of the improvements in these smart phones is the display; finally the quality of display has improved as compared to handsets before this release that comes with a poor display. Actually zenfone always had dubious record of releasing phone with a bad quality display.

The regular zenfone 3 will be the first phone in the 15,000Rs range that will come with a 14 nanometer chips. The 14nm chips have the ability of consuming 50% less power such as Snapdragon 625 from its corresponding chips that are of 28 nanometers. As a result the power drawn by the phone is reduced by 25% to 35%. Now low heat is generated because of this technology and the processors runs at a higher speed of 2GHz in comparison to the 1.5 GHz in the snapdragon 615. This increases the performance of the smart phone, especially when all the eight cores are running together.


Overall all three smartphones that are being launched are very brilliant specification wise, but we can say further after holding that phone in our hand only.