Beelink R68 TV Box Review

Beelink R68 TV Box Review


People spend a lot of money on cable TV subscriptions as well as monthly subscriptions in order to catch up with their favorite soap operas and daily shows. After all, when it comes to watching TV, and catching up on the entertainment, people cannot be left behind. They have to realize the need to communicate with people about their favorite soap operas, get to know about what seems to be the latest trend in the market and a lot more.

Television, particularly satellite TV has actually become a wonderful mode of discovery for people. Yes, they will be able to get a lot of entertainment, and a variety of new things from this particular idiot box. However, what seems to be different is the mode for the securement of entertainment. Yes, there are people that would actually like to demand going for quality satellite television, but at the end of the day, money matters. However, all is not lost. Have a look at the Beelink R68 TV Box RK3368 Android 5.1 system, and you realize that this is one of the best-known products that you could possibly install in your house.

Features of Beelink R68 TV Box RK3368 Android 5.1: –

CPU: – RK3368 64 bits Octa core Cortex A53 is one of the best in the market, and provides excellent processing power to the multimedia system.

Operating system: – Android 5.1 is the latest from the android stable, and there are appropriately no issues when it comes to compatibility.

Wi-Fi Storage: –You have the facility of Wi-Fi storage which is one of the best in a market.

Ram: – 2GB for seamless playing of entertainment features.

ROM: – 16 GB eMMC Flash Drive that will be able to increase the overall performance of the storage by at least three times the normal limit.

Bluetooth: – It has the Bluetooth 4.0 that form, which is more than enough in order to help you connect to the audio and make yourself stream out your own Internet radio Station.

Add-ons: – It contains the integration of five add-ons with over 300 ancillary add-ons on each and every format. It can be directly installed in the XBMC for you to enjoy.

Apps: – There is a wide Plethora of apps that you could possibly find in the product. There is a great collection that you could possibly use, and make use of it for all purposes like surfing the Internet, organizing your calendar as well as taking care of all your emails and messages. All the basic functions which would be possible with your Internet connection in the computer can be done in this entertainment system.

HDMI: –It has the HDMI connector 2.0, which is going to help you directly setup your home cinema for getting the ultimate 4K X 2K performance.

Remote-control: – The presence of the infrared remote control can help you to enjoy each and everything wireless, and not have to worry about laying a finger on your entertainment system.

USB port: – With the presence of USB host ports, you will be able to connect your keyboard and the mouse, and enjoy the operation of the Internet through this particular system.


Moreover, it not only showcases excellent soap operas, but doing it in the best possible quality is its forte. One can seriously say that this is a product that they are looking forward to, not because it happens to be the latest in a market, but because of the fact that it has wonderful features that is to be discovered. You can buy this amazing product from today for just only 101$ + free worldwide shipping..