Best Tech to Buy in 2016

Best Tech to Buy in 2016


In the first week of January, every year, tech companies gather at CES in Las Vegas to display their newest items. We’re here to reveal you what’s cool, what’s fascinating, and exactly what’s going to alter your life in the year to come.

Exactly what will 2016 be like? If this year’s newest products are any sign, it’s going to be smarter, more connected, and even a little bit whimsical. Keep reading if you desire a preview at exactly what everybody’s going to be speaking about this year.

Here are few of the best tech devices that you could buy in 2016.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

If you’re in the market for a brand new tablet in 2016, the Surface Pro 4 could be a contender, specifically if you require a brand-new laptop too, as it can replace that also. For the majority of jobs, consisting of standard design work, the Surface Pro 4 could do the job well while giving a level of security, connection and visual fidelity that many convertibles, including those made for the business, just can’t match.

The price of ₤ 859 for the standard design and keyboard means it’s not likely to tempt basic iPad or tablet users, however in place of a laptop computer the cost becomes tastier. And if you’re travelling much this year, you’ll be glad to have one of these for the journey back, as you’ll have the ability to catch up on any movies you downloaded over the holidays, or finish off any work docs that require handing in when you go back to the workplace.



SwannOne Wireless Smart Home Control Kit

There’s certainly absolutely nothing fun about having all your worldly possessions swiped from under your nose, and this is where the SwannOne Wireless Smart Home Control Kit can be found in.

The automated home system managed by means of a key fob push-button is controlled through one app and consists of several home security gadgets, consisting of indoor and outdoor HD security cams and sirens.

It is all connected to the SwannOne Smart Hub, which integrates the latest wireless technologies that enable the addition of devices through WiFi such as sensors, cameras and accessories to keep track of and record what’s happening in the house.

The unique function of the SwannOne hub is that you do not need to purchase just Swann IoT items for it to function. It can deal with existing IoT devices, such as Hue lightbulbs and Nest thermostats, all working with the Swann app so you do not have to change to different applications on your mobile phone.


OlloClip 4-in-1 clip-on lens for iPhone

This is not really an essential accessory, but it’s bloody good fun. The Olloclip iPhone 4-in-1 quick attaching lens is probably among our preferred gizmos out there, featuring wide-angle, fisheye, 10x & 15x macro lenses for taking ideal snapshots with your iPhone camera.

The excellent aspect of this clever little clip-on gadget is that it offers larger lens views, meaning you can get more of the subject in a shot. And fisheye, with approx. 180-degree view and traditional barrel distortion, immediately makes any picture look more pleasing.

In the box you also get lens caps and a micro-fibre carry pouch that serves as a lens cleaner.



Fitbit Blaze

Fitbits are the most popular activity trackers in the market. But if you’ve got among the old, super-basic step-tracking versions, you might have seen yourself lusting after something that does a bit more. The Fitbit Blaze could be just the important things. The Blaze is a modular fitness watch developed to keep an eye on heart rate, sleep, and workouts. With 24/7 heart-rate tracking, you can begin to see trends in your fitness, stress, and health. It likewise tracks sleep and activities immediately– it can detect if you start running, cycling, playing tennis, or even doing a Zumba class, and will then store and publish your activity immediately. You can pre-order the Blaze for $200, and it will start shipping in March.


Qardio Arm

QardioArm is a clinically verified wireless blood pressure monitor that is light enough to take anywhere with you, while also being very easy to use. The device lets you quickly determine, record and share your blood pressure data with your doctor or family members using the Qardio App. It is also really well designed, which we were pleasantly shocked about considering its function.

Qardio is among our preferred health gizmos, and judging by the amounts of liquor you’ll no doubt be downing when summertime time finally shows up, it’s the ideal present for those seeking to keep a good check on health.